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CBB Lead Link has been co-developed with dealers to build solid leads using your website traffic. Harness the potential of your website by providing a trade-in estimating service to your visitors, a feature they are certain to appreciate, while at the same time developing solid leads.

Leads verified before they are sent to you

We use a two-stage process to ensure the quality of leads supplied to you. First, we eliminate false information through our extensive cross-check of address, telephone, and postal code. Second, we confirm the visitor's email address before the trade-in estimate is displayed - ensuring that if they are clever enough to get around the address checks, at least their email is valid.

Set-up is complete in minutes and easy integration

Installed in minutes with little effort by your web team, Lead Link can be returning results for you in no time. We can tailor who receives the emails, as many recipients as you wish, and we can integrate with most CRM and lead management packages at no additional charge.

Values that consider you and the customer's expectations

We have addressed the many issues about offering a trade-in effort to protect you and your visitors for hard to meet expectations for values by displaying a value range that is reflective of a vehicle that has been unseen. This helps reduce the likelihood that a customer will be disappointed once they have had a chance to inspect the vehicle in person.

Simple. Smart.

Lead Link was developed to be simple for dealers as well as for customers - Smart enough to produce leads from real buyers.

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