Chevrolet Impala



Chevrolet Impala


Originally "a prestige car within the reach of the average American citizen," the Chevrolet Impala continues to amaze car enthusiasts with its roomy interior in a comfy sedan that never misses the latest technology.

The first Chevrolet Impala was introduced in 1958 with the goal of providing the average American citizen with a prominent car at a budget-friendly price tag. For decades, the Impala has continued to live up to its expectations and, it is still one of the most popular brands that captures the hearts of many consumers.

This comfy sedan offers enough accommodation for six people and Chevrolet has not missed in updating this model by improving its engine to become more competent and fuel-efficient. It may not be that athletic but riding in it assures a quiet highway ride that makes you feel secure. Its touchscreen control interface that has power over most of its functions is definitely striking.

The Impala is a distinctive car that offers a cozy interior packed with a well-equipped and clever infotainment system that appeals to those in search of a full-feature-packed four-door vehicle.

This smart, powerful and tech-savvy 2016 Chevrolet Impala is everything that you have been searching for towards a stress-free every day commute: a striking interior with a meticulously tailored build and an ultra-quiet interior coupled with standard security features that keep you safe and sound all along the highway.


With an Impala sedan, you arrive with a distinguished look that you seem to be on top of any game with this full-size car - looking well-composed with its expertly designed exterior.

Its proud posture with contours intersecting at proportions provides an athletic era that deserves a second look. Aesthetically created with an aerodynamic touch, everything about this comfy sedan just works and keeps any driver confident inside and out.

The 2016 Chevrolet Impala is offered either in four-cylinder or the V6. On its entry-level LS, you can find 18-inch steel wheels as well as automatic headlights and an elegant remote keyless entry feature. The 1LT includes alloy wheels and heated side mirrors.

Power and Performance:

All versions of the 2016 Impala have a six-speed automatic transmission as well as a front-wheel drive. Its 2.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder LS and 1LT versions offer 196 horsepower and 186-pound-feet of torque. Fuel economy ratings for are an impressive 10.6L/100 Kms city and 7.5L/100 Kms hwy.

Its 2LT and 2LZ is a level higher at 3.6 liter rated at 305 horsepower and 264 pound-feet of torque with fuel economy of 12.5L/100 Kms in the city and 8.2L/100 Kms on the highway.

Interiors and Special Features:

The limo-sized interior of the Chevrolet Impala can accommodate a small village and it prides itself with a super-quiet interior with an aesthetic wraparound effect that has become the Impala trademark. Its interior is comfortable enough to give its passengers the best experience with its wide, plush seats and upholstery options. Its folding rear seatbacks create ample space for additional cargo.

The Chevrolet MyLink touchscreen brings the room together with its easy-to-navigate icons and the Apple CarPlay -- providing a smart way to use your iPhone.

A well-crafted roomy interior plus an impressive audio and graphic system can truly give you a trip that can be considered as "just a few steps away from home."

Safety features:

Standard features like 10 airbags, panic brake assist, cornering brake control and optional features like traction and stability control systems, tire-pressure monitoring system, forward collision warning system, lane departure system, and a rear cross-traffic alert system -- all ensure that occupants are protected all throughout the journey.

The 2016 Chevrolet Impalais a prestigious comfortable sedan packed with a powerful set of features as well as an audio and graphic system in a roomy ultra-quiet interior with safety features that provide passengers of an enjoyable and peaceful trip. The Impala is definitely the car for you!