Alfa Romeo: The Car Brand that Made Sports Vehicle History

Legendary Sports Vechicle manufacturer with a great history

Alfa Romeo

There are very few car manufacturers that are able to claim a century-old tradition in the industry and Alfa Romeo is certainly one of them. Back in 1910, a small French company based out of Milan was facing economic hardship. A man of noble birth, Ugo Stella, recognized that and shortly after managed to obtain shares of the company, along with a production plant.

Since the company had a new owner, it was also time for a new name. The acronym A.L.F.A. (Anonymous Lombard Automobile Factory - in English) was adopted shortly after the company was purchased.

Alfa Romeo Models

Off To A Good Start

Ugo Stella decided to form a young and ambitious team in order to position his company among competitors. For any car manufacturer, the first vehicle that comes off the assembly line is usually the most important one. Back in the days when cars were luxury products not available to the masses, this had even greater meaning. Many were surprised that Ugo Stella decided to put his faith in the hands of a capable, but very young and inexperienced Giuseppe Merosi. His gamble paid off; Merosi managed to design and produce the 24 HP - the first car that carried the name of the new company. Its single block 4.1-litre engine reached a top speed of 100 km/h, which was considered remarkable more than a century ago.

Racing Pedigree

Merosi realized that Alfa should go international and producing a race car was the best way to accomplish that. Along with his team, he managed to produce the first vehicle to feature a twin-spark ignition, which, paired with its four-cylinder engine, made the Alfa Grand Prix one of the few vehicles to reach a top speed of 140 km/h. By then, everyone knew that Alfa meant serious business and this early connection to racing would go on to have a significant impact on how future models would be manufactured.

Timeless Design

Since its inception, and even through the hard times, Alfa Romeo always aimed to offer a fast, reliable and exceptionally good-looking car to the car enthusiast. Whether it is the old Giulia Sprint from the ’60s, the mythical and incredibly rare Tipo33, or the brand new sporty 4C Spider, they all follow the same path: the path of aesthetically pleasing, immaculately designed vehicles, whose looks truly reflect the power and speed associated with Alfa Romeo. Imagine having a vehicle that is equally fit for a race track and for your daily commute to work. With Alfa Romeo, you get both and then some.

Bright Future In Canada

Alfa Romeo was a shy newcomer to the North American market. The absence of a large dealership network produced a genuine grassroots approach by car enthusiasts who were accustomed to the brand. But, the situation is different now. Alfa Romeo is now offering a wide selection of its cars to Canadian customers who are now able to see and buy the newest products that the company has to offer. In the past 4 years, the company produced several breath-taking models. From sports cars like the 4C Coupe and 4C Spider to luxury sedans like the Giulia and Giulia Ti, and their first SUV –the Stelvio.

Every Ride is A Joyride

Alfa Romeo is a giant of the automobile industry, simply put. For more than a century this company kept changing the landscape and the way we look at cars. That piece of history is now within the grasp of Canadian consumers. If you are looking for modern and eye-pleasing interiors and high powered and reliable engines packed into beautifully designed bodies, an Alfa Romeo should be your next choice. Every second spent in these highly comfortable, yet extremely powerful vehicles will tell the story of this iconic car manufacturer and its thoroughbred pedigree.