Stelvio: Class leading style

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Considering that the SUV and crossover segment of the market seems to be an endless gold-mine for every major car manufacturer, Alfa Romeo decided to join the fray. But, Alfa Romeo decided to produce a vehicle which is not only utility-based and spacious enough; they wanted a crossover SUV to embody what the company is all about. Elegance, sporty and athletic character followed by outstanding performance - in designing and executing the production of the Stelvio, Alfa Romeo managed to once again deliver on all fronts.

Italian Charm

Since the inception of the company, the designer team at Alfa Romeo was filled with incredibly gifted visionaries who kept delivering on outstanding design with every new model. The Stelvio is no exception; the sporty and athletic chassis of its sedan counterpart Giulia was lifted and re-armed, providing an exceptionally stylish and charming look of the vehicle itself. The sharp nose gradually transforms into a perfectly curved back, providing a pleasant refreshment from increasingly similar looking crossovers seen on the streets every day. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is instantly recognizable, in any surrounding, in any situation.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio comes in three configurations, but here is what the base model has to offer under the hood for the entry price. The turbocharged 2.0-litre inline four cylinder engine is able to provide an output of 280 horsepower and is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The engine is very responsive and, like in every Alfa Romeo, you are given as much control as possible over the performance of the vehicle. On the open road, you will be able to experience what the engine is capable of offering in this configuration. The in-car feeling is that it accelerates a bit faster than on paper, and it looks as though the engine is perfectly positioned within the slightly lighter chassis, enabling the Stelvio to utilize the most from its aerodynamic look. All in all, this engine fits the Stelvio like a perfectly tailored suit and will provide reliable and confident service in the long run.

The Art of Driving

The Stelvio is one of those cars that will make your daily commute incredibly vibrant and fun. It is a car that offers so much enjoyment even in urban and crowded areas. The handling is incredibly precise, yet completely effortless. Taking corners and U-turns will be smoother than ever, and the Stelvio dances around tight corners with the elegance of a much smaller car. Confidence is ever-present while accelerating and that is where the racing tendencies of the Stelvio makes their presence known. Everyone knows they can always count on the smooth, yet adventurous ride while inside ab Alfa Romeo, but considering that this is the first crossover/SUV that the company has produced, the transition has gone incredibly well, making every ride in the Stelvio a joyride.

The classic, yet luxurious design of the interior will certainly contribute to this feeling with necessary gadgets available within reach. Although looking from the outside some would say that the Stelvio is lacking space, on the inside you get a completely different impression. Even if you take the Stelvio long distance, comfort is ensured for both the driver and 3 adult passengers.

An Overall Success

The overall impression is that Alfa Romeo can be more than confident if they decide to offer another SUV to their potential clients. The Stelvio is a perfectly finished new product, with the tradition of Alfa Romeo everywhere around it. Although the crossover concept was mainly utilitarian, Alfa Romeo has proven that the joy of driving will be provided by every new model they release, regardless of the type or size.