Audi A5: A practically seductive car that exhibits luxury.

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The Audi A5 Ultra-Modern Driving Sensation

In addition to a new body, the ultra-modern Audi A5 with its state-of-art technology is designed to impress. Complete with its entirely new chassis and high-performance technical driving capabilities, driver assistance systems, and infotainment equipment, this car is innovation personified!

The new A5 Audi creation is a combination of superior elegance, high technology resulting in an extremely enjoyable driving experience. This is added to with all-purpose dynamics and significant power performance. An initial glance at this vehicle is sufficient to recognize the elegant sporting character of the Coupe and its latent potential for being truly driven. The length of the latest Audi A5 version has been extended by 47-mm and 13-mm at the wheelbase, but the height is practically unchanged at 1.37 m. Fortunately, much of the original futuristic design that formed part of the first generation Coupe has been retained, although subjected to enhanced development. An example of this is seen in the sharply defined designer lines of the vehicle which emphasize its three-dimensional appearance.

The Latent Heart of the Audi A5

The stylish A5 stretched hood conceals the powerhouse of this vehicle, which is a new version of the TFSI and TDI engines but with a greater power output, of between 140 kW and 185 kW. Its support includes a standard start-stop system, capable, for example, of deactivating the engine when approaching a red light below a speed of 7- km/h.

Power is directed either by a manual six-speed transmission or the seven-speed S-Tronic option, with the A5 boasting Quattro AWD technology for the first time. The advantages of the front-wheel drive are utilized whenever possible whilst the rear axle drive remains in a state of readiness. Activation is determined by system information evaluation, which is imported at a rate of about 100 time's per-second. The all-wheel drive is engaged by way of prediction, forecasting, and reaction.

For those drivers following in the wake of the Audi A5 Coupe, they will view a short rear end with its distinguishing horizontal line. The separates reflectors located on the rear apron emphasize vehicle width. The finely profiled three-dimensional rear lights are complete with LED technology, with the third brake light extending across the entire rear width. The new A5 fuel economy has been reported as being on average between 5.1 L/100 km and 6.2 L/100 km depending on the engine and the application of Quattro.

Sophistication in a Sports Coupe

Sporting elegance would be a perfect description of the new Audi A5 Coupé as it sets a new competition within the automotive market. With its new projected but refined designer styling, the overall appearance is highlighted with a re-designed front and optional Audi Matrix LED headlights. This Sports Coupe could be regarded as being a highly sophisticated state-of-art and a means of driving for pleasure.