Audi RS7: the fastest as well as fittest model in the A7 line.

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The Audi Power Mission

It seems that the Audi design engineers are on a power mission. Their new inspiration, known as the Audi RS 7 Performance is an example of latent undisguised force. Not satisfied with the 560 horsepower of the previously introduced model, Audi "Mission Control" decided to change the design of the turbocharger. This included greater efficiency for the intercooler heat exchangers, with a reprogrammed engine computer. In addition, that elected to fine-tune the camshafts designed to activate the new exhaust valves.

The Audi faithful should be happy with a maximum 553 lb-ft of torque that is activated between 2500 rpm to 5500 rpm, courtesy of a temporary overboost mode. It is usual for the Audi RS 7 engine to produce 516 lb-ft at 1750 rpm, reaching a peak at 6000 rpm. This is 500 rpm above that of a standard car peaking ratio, and reportedly, is just 800 rpm below the red-line!

Audi RS-7 Performance Power Driving

If you are on the same wavelength as the Audi design-engineers, you'll relish the unleashing of the full 605 horsepower. This is obtained in the Dynamic driving mode setting, or that Sport or Manual modes are selected in the eight-speed automatic transmission. If you change to Comfort or the Auto driving modes with the transmission in its default setting, the Audi RS 7 Performance engine selects the 56 hp basic-specifications.

Staying with the power and speed factors; from zero to 100 km/h will take you about 3.2 seconds and to reach 160 km/h you only need 7.3 seconds.

A Comfortable Driving Experience

Audi has a reputation for design, safety, speed and their Audi RS 7 Performance is no exception. The standard carbon-ceramic brakes easily succeed in halting the car from a speed of more than 112 km/h in just under 49-metres. If we look at the overall design of the RS 7 model, there are minimal differences between the RS 7 and the "Performance" versions, apart from various visually appealing enhancements.

Both versions of the Audi RS 7 offer noticeable front and rear fascias. There can be no doubt that "Performance" is a magnificent car, with a fastback profile and its confident projecting RS-designer body styling. Whether you opt for the standard Audi RS 7 or the "Performance", you are assured of a complete driving sensation!