Audi S4: Packed with cutting-edge technologies that allow you to maintain speed in more ways than one.

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A View of the Three Faces of the Audi S4

Beginning with some of the entertainment values of the Audi S4 the Multi Media Interface (MMI) is situated in a central position with the screen in the dashboard centre. The traditional Audi interior finishes are offered as well as a 19 speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system. The expected Audi quality is seen in the leather finishing and general fittings. Returning to the heart of the car; the new engine is not comparable with those in previous models. With a power greater than the supercharged version, its 354-horsepower is supported with a torque of 369 lb.-ft. This Audi S4 engine is effectively more powerful than the heralded 4.2-litre V8 found in the B7 version of the model.

Although with virtually the same horsepower, the V6-turbocharged version S4 provides greater torque at a lower rpm, with a more powerful response. You can take the car from zero-to-100 km/h in approximately 4.5 seconds! V6 engines were generally loud attention grabbers, but the Audi S4 is a sound that will warm the hearts of those who appreciate a true internal combustion solo.

A Smooth and Powerful Ride

A powerfully smooth Audi S4 ride is contributed to by its adjustable Magnetic Ride suspension, which performs with an extraordinary firmness in the "Dynamic" mode. It's also assisted by the suspension having been lowered by 23-millimetres at the front and rear, in comparison to the basic A4. In addition, the new Audi S4 offers an original electronic differential that efficiently directs power to the rear wheels. When combined with available 48-centimetre low-profile sports radials, you gain a high degree of traction.

As with the majority of the sports-inclined Audi Quattro's, a larger percentage of torque is distributed to the rear wheels than the front. In the case of the S4, it's a 60/40 rear/front division, but there is the advantage of a new variable-ratio steering box. It makes for an Audi S4 combination of driving relaxation and a sports-virtual experience.

The S4 from Audi is a comfortable and an easy driving car; it does offer a sense of road adventure which combines to make for a car that will never be boring. For any driver that appreciates a relaxed drive with some excitement thrown in, this car will suit the bill. However, it's also a car that entices you to see how it can really perform!