Audi S5: Athleticism at every angle and exhilarating performance in every ride.

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The Elegantly Powerful Audi S5 has it All

If you appreciate an extraordinary driving experience the capabilities and sheer dynamics of the Audi S5 provide an exciting and effortless ride. The 350 horsepower of the car offers you a race-tuned suspension, with a six-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission, complemented with paddle shifters. Also available are heated, leather-finished bucket seats, a Navigation Package and a seemingly never-ending list of other features!

For many who are not part of the discerning Audi faithful, it could be surprising to the extent a five year old car design has retained its prestige and image. One theory is that the creative perception and design projection of the Audi S5 engineers were inspired by dedication. The S5 is regarded by some of its admirers as a showpiece, similar to a work of art, while others can't wait to get behind the wheel and enter a driving world that many will never experience.

The S5 Adds Value to Driving

Age is relative, and this is shown by the fact that the Audi S5 aura has been retained with a design that is elegant, yet demanding. It could be said that Audi has created a symbol of almost motoring perfection that will be a severe challenge to replace!

The driving experience is unique, helped by a design that is aerodynamic, a defined undercarriage and spoilers blended into the sides of the tail lights. However, the responsively clean handling of this machine could be attributed to the Audi S5 special sports suspension and a rigid body structure.

The Audi S5 on the Move

The S5 is a car with refined innovation, such as the front axle being located significantly forward for this type of engine in a 4WD car. It does, however, conform to the long wheelbase and short overlap at the front of a vehicle with a weight distribution that is balanced. The weight factor of the Audi S5 has been designed to coordinate with the influencing elements of the suspension, which are primarily constructed of aluminum.

As befitting its makers, the Audi S5 provides the Quattro all-wheel-drive as a standard feature, which means a high degree of effective driving efficiency. If you are interested in technical detail, the Audi engineers designed the Quattro with a rear bias, meaning a 40-60 split, front-to-rear. The drive-train, however, will automatically direct the torque between front-rear as demanded by the driving conditions! The Audi S5 is a ride every driver will want to experience.