TT RS: Iconic coupe that packs an athletic and aggressive look

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The Audi TT has served as the flagship coupe for the company since its inception. It expresses what the designer team of Audi and its numerous customers want a coupe to feel and act like. But, even for Audis own standards, that wasn't enough. They wanted the regular TT line to be re-armed and enhanced by the RS touch, thereby offering a unique experience to those who are eager to feel the incredible amount of power the Audi TT RS is able to deliver. Here is the end result.

Enhanced Tradition

The Audi TT RS kept the frame that made its predecessor distinguishable and eye-catching, but it sports an even more athletic and aggressive look. The iconic RS Singleframe grille simply screams power and when you catch a glimpse of that sharp nose and front-end look, you quickly realize what this car is really made for. The perfectly and neatly curved back is something the TT line became famous for; this time it comes with a rear wing spoiler mounted on it, emphasizing the sporty nature of the TT RS.

Power-Infused Driving

Behind the outstanding output, the Audi TT RS is able to deliver is a turbocharged 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine. It is able to pump out 400 horsepower, equally distributed to all wheels thanks to Audi's legendary Quattro 4 wheel drive system. Alternative materials used in manufacturing the engine bay made it significantly lighter as well. But, before you see what this engine is capable of, you’ll undoubtedly hear it first. With the regular exhaust, refined loudness is guaranteed; if you go for the optional sports exhaust, your whole experience will be lifted to a new level and add a bit of the R8’s sound vibe.

The TT RS, simply put, eats up the pavement while sitting very firmly on the ground. Audi's Quattro system is AI-controlled but still provides you with enough input to make the most out of it. Accelerating is where you truly feel what the TT RS is capable of, assisted by very clean and precise gear changes. It is able to hit 100 kilometres per hour in less than 4 seconds, and that statistic alone separates it from many competitors in the same bracket. This car is built to provide a race-like experience to the everyday customer, so steering is on point and relatively effortless. In other words, you will get to enjoy the full strength of this vehicle through its very responsive and perfectly positioned steering wheel. When it comes to handling, the TT RS cuts through corners with ease and confidence. Despite its relatively smaller size and lighter frame, it feels very safe in corners even at high speed.

Purebred Racer

When you sit behind the steering wheel, you easily notice to which extent Audi is willing to go in order to provide maximum comfort in a sporty coupe like the TT RS. The cabin itself has a very futuristic and flashy look, while numerous gadgets are available in order to maximize versatility. The seats are manufactured with particular care and it is obvious that only materials of the highest quality were used on the inside. Very useful technology has found its way inside the cabin, all of which is incredibly easy to use.

The Audi TT RS is many things, but more than anything else, it is a vehicle that will break your daily routine and lure you out onto a race track. It is one of those few cars that actually live up to the expectations written on paper. Simply put, it is able to achieve and transmit immense power once you are behind the steering wheel. It is a vehicle for those who are looking for a partner to go on adventures with. More than just a mere machine, the TT RS has a thoroughbred soul of its own.