Audi TT: A coupe with trendy styling and dynamic performance.

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The True Nature of the Audi TT is Revealed

The new Audi TT RS Coupe is about to change the general perception of the TT model. Audi, has decided it’s time this model showed its class and some teeth to skeptical motorists. With power from a completely new 400 horsepower five-cylinder turbocharged engine, you are now going to see another side of the Audi TT, so, buckle up and prepare for some exciting driving. However, that is all about to change with the new Audi TT RS Coupe. The manufacturer obviously tired of having just a "pretty car" brought in the big guns, the high-performance arm of Audi, Quattro GmbH.

Their mission; to effectively change the image of the Audi TT and they climbed into the task with what seems a highly enthusiastic awareness. This new TT version is powered by an entirely new, 400 horsepower engine. It boasts a five-cylinder turbo and is the most powerful and attention-grabbing version of the Audi TT to date.

The New Latent and Blatantly Aggressive Audi TT

The new TT has to a great extent shown itself to be a car apart from its predecessors, with a straight-line speed of zero to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. The powerful torque of the turbocharged engine is assisted significantly by the formidable Quattro AWD system. It is constantly redirecting the torque between front and rear wheels enabling maximum driver control of this Audi TT RS power machine.

Also helping control this power is a corner braking system, designed to automatically, slightly reduce the speed of the inside front wheels in aggressive turns, and which has also helped eliminate under-steer. The engine of the new Audi TT is a turbocharged 2.5-litre five-cylinder, linked to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with AWD and a reported combined fuel efficiency of 8.2 L/100 km.

TT Exterior and Interior Revisited

Audi is highly regarded for its design innovation and the interior of the Audi TT RS is arguably a greater attraction than the exterior. Starting with designer contoured and trimmed sports seats, the driver lays hands on a steering wheel designed for maximum control. Tri-spoke convenience and paddle shifters are added to with the start/stop button and drive mode selector located on the sides and a lot more!

Returning to perceptions and the TT RS appearance this new model continues with the forthright style icon. This blatant styling is also seen in the aerodynamic side sills and lightweight wheels. The new Audi TT RS introduces an aura of menacing aggression into this version that enhances and projects its sleek profile into a new and highly appreciated new era!