Equipped with a 2.0L turbo-charged and intercooled DOHC engine.

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BMW 7 Series Sedan

Luxurious, top-of-the-line cruiser sedans are plentiful on the Canadian car market. What people often opt for when choosing is the badge itself, which is always a guaranteed win in the case of a BMW.

The BMW 7 Series Sedan is a car worthy of anyone’s attention. There is a very long list of reasons why that’s the case, starting with the mere fact that we’re talking about a BMW. Everyone knows that the overflowing playground of full-size luxury sedans on the Canadian auto market is rampant with high expectations. BMW – a company legendary for its sparkling mechanical repute – has once again delivered remarkably well with a car that promises to reach the same iconic status.

The Absolute Best Piece Of The Puzzle

Mechanical prowess has always been one of BMW’s strongest points and that is also the case with the 7 Series Sedan. You’re able to opt for a number of different engines, each of which feels more muscular than its official horsepower figures would suggest, in addition to operating in a smooth manner. Depending on the particular model you opt for, you’ll be at the receiving end of either; 320 horsepower, courtesy of a turbocharged inline six, 445 horsepower from a twin-turbo V8 or an outright insane 601 horsepower from a twin-turbo V12. A particular surprise in the line-up is a four-cylinder engine and electric motor combination, which is to say, a hybrid 7 series sedan. Each engine is paired with a slick-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission and optional all-wheel-drive.

Built To Transport Passengers In High Comfort

The fact that the 7 Series Sedan is typically perceived as an executive car by default doesn’t stop it from being objectively quick, having tons of grip and being able to stop well. The aforementioned mechanical prowess puts the 7 Series Sedan near the top of its class when it comes to 0 to 100 kilometres per hour acceleration. In fact, the most powerful engine in the line-up (the 600-horsepower V12) launches passengers to 100 kilometres per hour in a mere 3.5 seconds. Otherwise, the ride is very quiet and calm with more than enough power at your disposal whenever you desire it. The iconic sporty feeling of being behind the wheel has been slightly toned down in the 7 Series Sedan, though it’s still very much present.

Pleasing Aesthetics & Premium Build Quality

What sets the 7 Series Sedan apart from the competition is the sheer amount of effort that goes into crafting each interior. BMW’s interior aesthetics have been businesslike and very serious for decades. Design, materials and build quality that go into BMW vehicles are top-notch without fault, as is the case with the 7 Series Sedan. It tops the competition when it comes to rear-seat leg and headroom, while the cabin feels airy and open thanks to plenty of window area. The 7 Series Sedan is well equipped even in its most basic form and incorporates countless comfort and convenience features as standard. It is truly crafted as the ultimate comfort and premium vehicle.

What Else Is There To Say About A Rolling Legend?

The BMW 7 Series Sedan includes a class-average four-year/80,000-kilometre limited warranty coverage but further distinguishes it with a three-year, 58,000-kilometre complimentary scheduled maintenance plan. You’ll have a hard time finding another competitor in this class that offers the same benefits, which is yet another reason why the BMW 7 Series Sedan takes the win. It is a truly remarkable vehicle with enough oomph and prestige to get you wherever you need to go and turn quite a few heads along the way.