BMW 8: Safety and Technology Features Abound

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The 2019 BMW 8 series is in a class of its own, and it will beat any rival hands down especially in the Canadian auto market. The four-seat power machine launched early in 2019 and remains a top contender in the convertible world.

Out-of-This-World Engine Power

Perhaps the most striking feature in the new 2019 BMW 8 series is the 4.4L Twin power V8 engine that turbo-charge the automobile. It generates an amazing 528 Horsepower and can accelerate from 0-100Km/hr. in less than 4 seconds, making it one of the fastest convertibles in the Canadian market this year. With a new aluminum alloy, there is a stronger engine block for the automobile. With the new engine power, driving on highway and city roads become much easier, even for the novice.

Cool Signature Exterior

The exterior of the BMW is cooler than ever. The front of the car comes with a larger air intake, plus a signature BMW kidney grille which comes with a hexagonal outline that widens towards the bottom. With an amazing rear design, BMW has created a much lower center of gravity which is important for the stability of the car. There is the slimmer all-LED rear light cluster that is located in the flanks, and the taillights easily illuminate in an “L” shape. The exhaust tailpipes are trapezoidal in nature and strategically positioned on either side of the lower section of the rear.

The brand new 2019 BMW 8 series comes with a number of sensors and technology that all drivers will love to use. The Driving Assistant Professional Package is an optional feature you can choose. It comes with an automated driving system that allows hands-free and pedal-free driving experience at speeds lower than 60 Km/hr. and on limited highways. This program also comes with an in-built optical camera to help drivers pay attention to the road even when the car is in semi-automated mode. It should be noted that this camera wouldn’t record any in-cabin activity.

Technologically Advance

2019 BMW 8 series is designed with the latest technology. The 8-speed transmission system networks with the car’s navigation system. Allowing the car to take a pre-planned route. With navigation data, early downshifting is possible. For instance, the car will automatically slow down through the engine braking, and the smart controller will also avoid any unnecessary gear shift when driving through different corners.

There are some excellent safety features you can find on this car, these include; lane departure warning, blind spot detection, rear collision warning, and a pedestrian/cyclist alert warning. The head-up display is another standard safety feature on the 2019 BMW 8 series. There is an optional night vision feature that produces a real-time image of heat-emitting substances, animals, and groups of people.

It is of no surprise that the new 2019 BMW 8 comes at a high-end price, but everything that comes with this car justifies the cost. It is an amazing investment because you will get more value than what you pay for. The fact that this car can be operated with or without steering wheels and the braking system even makes it more exciting to have. Though BMW has created a very rare fun-filled automobile, it does not compromise on the safety of the car. The brand new 2019 BMW 8 series is anticipated to make a huge success in the auto industry and has already set the pace for upcoming convertibles in the Canadian Auto market. Right now, the 8 series, 2019 edition has no direct competitor.