BMW X3: Rugged, luxurious, ready.

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The BMW X3 is an SUV which has space, style and sophistication and capable of all wheel drive to tackle any terrain. Take a test drive today to discover this elegant beast which captures the spirit of luxury adventure.

BMW X3: The Stylish SUV that is Ready for an Adventure

The BMW X3 is a masterclass in luxury, a compact crossover which remains ahead of the field in terms of both engineering and comfort. A sporty and sleek exterior design coupled with a large array of features supported by the very best technology to deliver a premium crossover which you’re guaranteed to love.

An elevated driving position and excellent visibility provide space and light inside this vehicle, which has the capacity to seat five. There’s excellent legroom in both the front and the back and combined with a high silhouette, every driver and passenger will have sufficient space to stretch out.

Under the hood, the turbocharged four-cylinders 2,0-litre engine is quiet yet powerful, providing 248 horsepower and 258 lb/ft of torque as it purrs around the city or along the highway. All wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission complete the package but there’s also the option to add extras such as suspension dampers and variable ratio steering.

Luxury To Go Exploring In

BMW is well known to be a luxury manufacturer and although this SUV is built to withstand even tough terrain, there’s no sign that they’ve sacrificed quality or comfort.

Inside the cabin there’s a range of features which pamper and relax both the driver and passengers, making every trip a real pleasure. A smart infotainment interface, touchscreen controls, USB ports and smartphone integration mean you don’t need to be out of contact when you’re on the move.

Other features on the inside include heated and ventilated seats, a leather trim, keyless entry, panoramic sunroof, satellite radio, and power adjustable seating. The exact features you have on your X3 depends on the packages you choose to add, giving you the ultimate control to create the car of your dreams.

Taking Safety Seriously

Safety is a major feature for the X3 and it’s one of the aspects that BMW is the most enthusiastic about promoting. The all-wheel-drive helps to keep the wheels on the road and ensures that drives can get out in even the worst of the Canadian winters! Slippery surfaces and adverse weather won’t prove to be a deterrent when you’re behind the wheel of the X3 as superior traction, control and agility will give the driver the winning edge.

There is a long list of technology included in the X3 to aid the driver; these include parking sensors, automatic braking, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. These accompany more standard features such as airbags, power steering, and ABS.

The BMW X3 is an SUV that’s equipped to tackle whatever the terrain has to offer, while simultaneously offering comfort and luxury. Head and shoulders above the competition, this BMW SUV is one that every driver will fall in love with.