BMW i3: Going hybrid can be fun.

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BMW i3

When it comes to being among the first to welcome the green future, the best and most effective way to do so is to go for an innovative, electric and fun-to-drive vehicle like the BMW i3.

A particularly astonishing feature that sets electric cars apart from traditional gas engine ones is the acceleration. Almost every electric car is said to accelerate like a frightened cat. This is because of the nature of electric motors, which allow you to get instant access to 100% of the torque. Nothing is left to the imagination with these cars, an example of which is the staggering BMW i3. Keep reading to learn more about what the future holds for drivers worldwide.

If You Go Electric, There Are Compromises. But Not With The i3

The thing about electric cars is, they have limited range. The BMW i3 uses a 94 amp-hour battery, which allows it to go as far as 290 kilometres on a full charge. This is a great number for both urban and highway conditions, especially since electric cars provide the kind of instant acceleration you just don’t get in traditional vehicles. But, you’ll be able to opt for a hybrid i3 as well depending on the particular model you choose. The hybrid i3 uses a small gas engine to recharge the batteries as you drive, with the gas engine actually being a scooter motor sourced from Kymco.

Announcing The Future In More Ways Than One

Electric cars tend to incorporate quirky designs and tons of innovation, but the i3 handled both challenges exceptionally well. That said, the BMW i3 represents a re-imagination of car design, which usually results in either falling in love or hating it. We suspect it will be the former as the i3 comes with a wide array of paint colours, LED lights as standard equipment, an all-black roof, wheel arch extensions, blacked-out trim and exclusive 20-inch rims. On the inside, the i3 also offers an airy cabin with a tall windshield and a futuristic living room vibe. In other words, it’s future incarnate – or at least, one very attractive version of it.

Everything You’d Expect From A Futuristic Car

A remarkable statistic that speaks volumes about the i3’s engineering is that it’s quicker than BMW’s V8-powered M3 when it comes to 0-30 kilometres per hour acceleration. The exact sort of acceleration you perform daily in traffic and cities. The sudden burst of speed from a standstill is almost impossible to describe, and a more assertive boost is displayed when you’re overtaking on the highway. The i3 powers out of corners with authority thanks to rear-wheel drive and a less restrictive traction control setting. It handles beautifully and the electronics allow for a fairly spirited drive if you’re so inclined. Plenty of grip and minimal body roll are additional benefits that result from wide wheels and suspension tweaks.

The BMW i3: Designed And Engineered For Mass Appeal Of The Present And Future

If you were to describe the i3 with a simple and short sentence, you’d be correct in referring to it as a practical, zero-emissions rocket for the real world. The BMW i3 started off as a concept car and today represents a viable alternative to billions of gas-guzzling polluters while offering many identical features and similar performance. It truly is a car of tomorrow and if it is any example of things to come, we are faced with a wildly exciting future.