BMW i8: A progressive sports car that doesn't disappoint.

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BMW i8

Describing the BMW i8 and doing it justice is impossible to do in a few short sentences. The groundbreaking supercar has a lot going for it, so keep reading to learn about how awesome it is.

If your appetites include getting to drive (and own) a six-figure plug-in hybrid that looks like it’s ready to transform into an Autobot at the push of a button, then there’s really no other choice than to opt for the incredible BMW i8. At least, the i8 is what BMW calls it. If you were to ask car enthusiasts around the world, on the other hand, you’d probably hear them referring to it as an everyday hybrid “supercar.” BMW has really gone out there with the i8, so keep reading to learn what you can expect from this revolutionary four-wheeler.

A Hybrid That Goes Like A Beast

The two front wheels of the i8 are powered by a huge battery, while the rear gets juice from a small gasoline engine borrowed from a frugal MINI Cooper. The gas engine is a 1.5-litre TwinPower Turbo inline three-cylinder one. What that means is that, at least technically, the i8 incorporates all-wheel-drive. Thanks to the fact that it pushes a combined 362 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque via two separate transmissions controlling each power source, it’s able to get from 0-100 kilometres per hour in a mere 4.4 seconds. That is actual supercar territory from a hybrid car!

A Showroom Car Identical To The Concept Car It Was Based On

While getting inside of the i8 may take some getting used to as a result of the fancy butterfly doors, being inside with the doors closed is a sensation unlike any other. The i8 offers a simply spectacular view out the front windshield; the A-pillars are narrow and offer a great 180-degree view, while the glass is panoramic and wide. The sightlines out the rear window are better than average as well. Unlike competitors and other supercars, the i8 does have a trunk, though a modest one. It’s wide and narrow so you’re able to fit at least some luggage in there. The same applies to the two rear seats, which can serve to fit baby seats or as additional cargo space.

Are There Usability Issues?

Simply put – no. It takes around three hours for a full charge, which translates into 35 kilometres of full electric driving with no gasoline assistance whatsoever. That number is much lower if you have a heavy foot and turn on the heating, for example, though you’ll typically average around 20 kilometres on a full charge. This is more than enough for many commuters who typically go between home and work, but it doesn’t end there. If you let the gas engine kick in, you’ll hear a mean growl and experience an insane push down the straits. The best part is that switching the i8 to Sport Mode means it will regenerate its own batteries insanely fast. A 40-kilometer highway stretch in Sport Mode is enough to regenerate the batteries to 100% charge.

So Revolutionary It Managed To Put “Practical” And “Supercar” In The Same Sentence

The BMW i8 is so much more than just an italicized badge on the rear trunk panel. It has all the makings of an automotive icon, complete with whizzing electrons and butterfly doors. BMW is famous for designing cars that make a statement about their drivers; with the i8, the company successfully demonstrated just how far technology has come in this day and age. If you’re a gearhead on the market for a hybrid, but would still like the best of both worlds, there really is no other choice out there but the groundbreaking BMW i8.