Allure: Impressive Style, Safety, Efficiency and Refinement

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Buick Allure

There is a particular confidence associated with driving a car that you regard as something special. It represents the success in achieving your concept of what perfection is all about. The Buick Allure is regarded by many as providing that image. This model of Buick was crafted to meet exceptional standards, as seen by its winning 15 highly recognized awards for quality. It is an example of creative design and automobile production at its best with an inherently designed elegance enhanced by exceptional fixtures and fittings.

The Allure and Its Driving Class Culture

Refined power was added to the Buick Allure elegance with the 200 horsepower 3.8L V6 unit, one of the most proven engines in General Motors history. This conforms to the policy of this vehicle being an example of motoring class and culture, as does the fact of its integrated technology being accepted as an integral part of the car.

Subdued efficiency and controlled power are assured with the braking capabilities in the form of four-wheel disc brakes and a Bosch 4-wheel anti-lock braking system. All of which are supported by a tire pressure monitor that alerts you in the event of tire under-inflation. In addition, the GM Oil Life Monitoring System alerts you as to the ideal time to make an oil change.

The Featured Buick Allure

The features offered with the remarkable Buick Allure are many and varied when it involves safety and avoiding a potential collision. Examples are seen with the frontal airbags and two roof rail-mounted head curtain side-impact airbags. Added are crumple zones that assist in absorbing the energy of an impact.

Furthermore, there is the available reassurance of safety with the OnStar application, given the highest possible frontal crash safety ratings by the American government. It utilizes advanced communications technology to provide added safety and security, as well as convenience with the Directions-Connections facility that includes a Turn-by-Turn Navigation application.

First Class Allure Ownership Experience

The excellent quality of design, engineering, and craftsmanship are seen in the Allure, with matching support provided by its manufacturers. In this connection, GM Canada provided the same degree of support-excellence to the ownership experience as to the production of their vehicles.