Enclave: Tasteful and Refined

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Buick Enclave

With a start-stop function, the Buick Enclave has seen some changes affect all trim levels. They provide benefits to the driving aspect, also the economy factor of fuel consumption.

The Buick Enclave and a new level of convenience

Although the engine remains as a 3.6-litre V6, it has received extra power with the previous 288 horsepower replaced by a 310 horsepower, although with a slight reduction in torque. However, two primary factors in the new model is a 9-speed automatic transmission that replaces the previous 6-speed. Adding to this is a start-stop function, fitted as standard in all trims.

The transmission range selector is easily activated by paddles on the steering wheel, from which you can select from the nine available speeds, which one you want to serve as the top gear. Located on the centre stack is the AWD control, which disconnects all but the rear half shafts from the transmission, which efficiently transforms an AWD model to a front wheel drive. This is reportedly effective in the reduction of fuel consumption, with another influence being that the AWD system is also an active twin-clutch rear differential option.

Enclave Designer Advantages

The Enclave offers an interior that designers would probably describe as having a "flow." In any event, it's a significant improvement on the previous concept, with a high centre console that projects a sensation of security and you being part of the vehicle. The materials utilized throughout the Buick Enclave are of excellent quality and provide a welcoming environment. Seating for seven passengers is standard, with various convenient storage compartments.

Choices or decision-making are an ongoing occurrence for any driver and the design engineers of the Enclave have taken this factor into account. The selective driver processes in the vehicle have been reduced to relatively minimal driving modes. If utilizing a Buick Enclave trailer package, the "trailer mode" will adjust the throttle and transmission application for hauling.

In the case of the Avenir trim, it also increases the firmness of the damping related to the dynamic suspension. The comfort factor has also been given some consideration with firm and supportive seating, with front seat heating served as standard on the base model. With the Buick Enclave Premium and Avenir trims, however, the front seating is both heated and cooled, with heating for the second-row seats and a heated steering wheel. The second-row seats offer adequate head and legroom, but the third row is more limited.

When you first drive the Enclave, it becomes clear the attention Buick put into every detail. Blending power, comfort and style into a truly first class automobile.