Cadillac Sets The Standard For Luxury Cars

Among the beautifully built classic luxury cars produced at the start of the twentieth century in the USA, Cadillac led the field in the top ten annual car sales from 1904 to 1915, under the leadership of Henry Leland. Young Henry Leland, a farmer’s son grew up in Vermont and was taught that if you do a job, you do it thoroughly, no matter if important or unimportant. This provided him with the ability to have a firm approach to business later in life. Cadillac introduced the world’s first successful electric self-starter and the V8 engine - which was then installed in all Cadillac models beginning in 1915. What is not commonly known is that Cadillac was actually formed under the Ford Company and built upon the remnants left over from a deal that went belly-up due to investor qualms.

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