Cadillac ATS Sedan: Perfect balance of power, control and precision

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Cadillac ATS Sedan

The demands made upon motorists today call for high levels of concentration and complete trust in the vehicle you are driving. The Cadillac ATS is a Sedan that is designed to provide a performance that not only helps its driver in unexpected and potentially hazardous situations but makes even casual driving a powerful, responsive, safe and comfortable Cadillac journey.

Cadillac gives you the power of command with the ATS Sedan

Power at your command can have different meanings for various motorists, but for the driver of the ATS Sedan from Cadillac, it can include the increased control and responsiveness provided by a five-link independent rear suspension. It's an important feature that enables you to experience the full, extraordinary handling capabilities of this car. It is a question of combining the best of performance influences, with the ability for you to exercise complete control and tame the latent power of the ATS Sedan, achieved with ZF-Premium steering. This is the link that gives you an electric-assisted and speed-sensitive steering feature designed to direct the power of the Cadillac ATS Sedan towards giving the highest degree of responsive handling.

Smart response with the power

Driving a power sedan like the Cadillac ATS means that you need an impressive amount of efficiency with the performance. This is supplied by an 8-speed automatic transmission that produces exceptional fast and efficient gear changing with the element of tuned finishing. However, it doesn't stop there; the Automatic Stop/Start feature is a standard feature in this transmission, designed to stop the engine when the vehicle is halted in determined conditions, resulting in improved fuel economy. The Cadillac racetrack inspired ATS sedan is road ready, but that racing image can be enhanced with available alloy sports pedals and highlighted with a stylish metallic finish. This trend is followed with optional performance-designed seating that provides for extra bolstering and cushioning as additional support during your more unleashed driving occasions!

Inside the Cadillac protective power cage

Power and performance are supported by an inherent Cadillac ATS safety structure, best described as a "safety cage." It offers you and your passengers surround protection in the form of extreme-high-strength steel alloys combined with various highly advanced materials for stringent inflexibility. Further support is provided by strategically located crumple zones, to the front and rear ends of the ATS sedan designed to absorb the energy created by an impact. Adding to these safety features are eight airbags, fitted as standard!

Power and performance supported with a safe driving environment is an essential part of the ATS sedan design. A variety of features are made available, such as the patented Safety Alert Seat to Forward-collision Alert, with Lane-keep Assist and Lane-departure Warning, all combining to ensure a safe, efficient and enjoyable driving experience.