Cadillac ATS: Impressive performance entry-luxury cars.

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The Stunning Cadillac ATS

With the capacity for performance, handling abilities and a complete driving experience the ATS was designed and built for those drivers who enjoy the feel of a great car. With sufficient power to cater to everyday and beyond driving needs, this Cadillac sedan has the ability to provide the sensation of being on a race track. It's a car with many differences that help give it a character of its own.

Sporting dynamite in a sedan package

If you're looking for a sedan with a difference, the Cadillac ATS sedan will provide it. From the first look, the lines and overall exterior design project that this is not your usual everyday vehicle. Getting behind the steering wheel will confirm that the ATS Cadillac has the power to please any sports car fan.

There can be no doubt that the design engineers not only gave the ATS sedan a distinctive and track influenced exterior, but it was continued inside the vehicle. The car demands attention and will receive it, because this Cadillac sedan has a hidden depth to it, for example; sufficient power for more than just a special occasion.

With a 2.0L high-performance turbo engine, 272 horsepower with 295 lb.-ft. of torque that's waiting to be released. If you're looking to improve on that, then there is the option of a 3.6L V6 engine, pushing out 335 horsepower, just waiting for you!

The ATS design concept

The word design, or designer is used in many and usually unwarranted concepts, but in the case of this car, it could be seen as a designer Cadillac sedan. Apart from its amazing exterior appearance, the design aspect is seen with a light frame that is structured for a strong performance. Sleek and powerful elegance is just one description because it seems as though the engineers have constructed an ATS body to what is needed. This has helped create one of the lightest vehicles in its market segment. At the same time, it has given the car an exceptional degree of responsiveness and handling ability.

The perfect balance achieved in the body design is also seen in the generated power of the ATS engine. The control of this power is balanced by the available Limited-Slip Rear Differential. This feature assists in delivering the required amount of engine power and torque to the rear wheels, which assists in providing safe control and driver confidence when negotiating any curve.

Air resistance is a factor in any type of vehicle and the Cadillac ATS has been designed with advanced aerodynamic features. These include beveled tail lamps, an underbody airflow-deflecting shield, active aero grille shutters, and an integrated rear spoiler on the trunk. It's all part of the ATS power control to make your driving experience different!