Cadillac CT6: Best luxury large car.

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Cadillac CT6

The Cadillac CT6 offers power from an available V6-twin-turbocharged engine with the capacity to generate 404 horsepower with 400 lb-ft of torque. This effectively provides extraordinary responsiveness and easy acceleration. The addition of Auto Stop/Start technology supports the power of the CT6, resulting in a performance that is outstandingly effective, and combined with safety and complete efficiency!

Cadillac High-Technology CT6 Performance

An overall high performance includes the capabilities of driver control, road stability, and handling responsiveness, all of which form part of the design-engineered structure of the high-technology CT6 from Cadillac. The innovative lightweight design is founded in proven fusion technologies. The result is a rigid, strong lightweight structure that allows for highly responsive handling and a reduced interior noise level.

The Cadillac CT6 interior environment has been designed for comfort and convenience, with the highest quality materials utilized for an appealing, relaxed driving atmosphere. The CT6 is an exceptional vehicle that dictates its class leadership.

Exciting CT6 Performance with Power and Prestige

The exciting CT6 from Cadillac has raised the bar as far as quality performance values are concerned. With its innovative engineering, exceptional features, and superb design the CT6 offers a combination of advanced technology and a true motoring experience. This is emphasized with the available 3.0L, V6-twin turbo engine! A powerful performer like the CT6 with its optional Twin Turbo engine pushes you with 404 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque, with an acceleration that is made easy. This power needs controlled efficiency which is provided by a V6 Turbocharged engine cylinder deactivation and Auto Stop/Start technology. They are advanced technologies which could be described as the brains behind the Cadillac CT6 brawn, and which function with an exceptional degree of efficiency.

A Comfortable Quality Performance

The interior of any vehicle can determine the environment and atmosphere that drivers and passengers experience. With this in mind, the interior of the CT6 is seen to be designer created with only the very best quality materials utilized. They highlight the aspect of the Cadillac CT6 being a car with an eye-catching exterior, which has helped by added space being created by the four-corner wheel wells. With its low-structured body style, this car presents a well-balanced construction to support a superbly controlled driving ability!

An example of the designer Cadillac CT6 foresight is the Auto Vehicle Hold, which prevents the car from forward or backward creeping when the foot of the driver is removed from the brake pedal. This feature helps prevent or reduce fatigue when negotiating stop-and-start traffic conditions. It's also an asset in vehicle control on steep inclines. With its extrovert lines and styling, the CT6 projects the Cadillac identity, which with the traditional vertical lighting systems and integrated rear spoiler, creates an entirely new and distinctive Cadillac experience.