Cadillac CTS Wagon: A remarkable combination of great looks and serious performance.

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Cadillac CTS Wagon

The CTS wagon offers various convenient features including one that will appeal to those who experience challenges when loading cargo! The tailgate is designed to open to an extent of more than 213 centimetres and helpfully closes at the touch of a button. The wagon bed provides rails, knobs, ties, and nets that enable you to configure the space for different cargo types.

Getting Real with the CTS Wagon from Cadillac

If you’re looking for something different that will meet the demands of everyday driving experiences, but can also be fun, then the CTS wagon from Cadillac is an option. This Cadillac wagon makes no pretense about what you’re getting, an everyday purpose vehicle that gives you practical driving and at the same can be a powerful workhorse.

The all-wheel drive is well catered for with a 304 horsepower engine that provides 273 lb-ft of torque. This is a very respectable amount of power especially when you consider the sturdy 2032 kg CTS wagon weight. If you need some extra power, a 3.0L, V6 engine is also available. With the variable valve timing facility this engine performs silky smooth and with a punch between 5-6 thousand rpm, it may inspire a heavy foot on the pedal, so watch out!

The Smooth Riding CTS Wagon

The Cadillac smooth-riding CTS wagon makes driving on imperfect road surfaces similar to driving a much larger sized vehicle. Cadillac has tuned in the comfort factor and with its driver-friendly handling capabilities the wagon is a well-balanced drive, helped by a competent six-speed transmission.

Getting into the facts and figures, aka fuel efficiency; reportedly it offers 13.07 L/100 km for city driving and 9.05 L/ 100 km on the highway, with an average consumption of 11.20 L/100 km. Further reports indicate that if you pass on the all-wheel-drive CTS wagon version and the 3.6L engine option; the fuel efficiency factor will improve!

Added CTS Wagon Features

Taking into account the rear seat options, the upright position will give you 2.3 plus square metres of cargo area, while having the seats in the down position allows you over 4.9 square metres for storage.

It could be presumed that CTS wagon owners are inclined to be more on the practical side than owners of sedans and coupes, but at the same time, can be on the impatient side. The logic of this is that they require a single vehicle to be suitable for all occasions! This includes cruising down the highway with the music at full blast, to carrying the family, luggage, pets, boats and more on a vacation!

This CTS is a multi-purpose wagon with a degree of versatility that will help you enjoy your lifestyle behind the wheel of a reliable and powerful vehicle!