Cadillac DTS: The perfect mix of traditional big car power and modern comfort.

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Cadillac DTS

The now traditional Cadillac DTS was a popular choice for those motorists who saw it as part of the North American motoring origin. This was a large luxury car that commanded attention on the road, moving or parked and it followed in the tread patterns of the revered Cadillac DeVille. The Cadillac became a worthy leading model in the full-sized luxury market segment.

The Cadillac DTS Aura Lingers on

Over a period of about five years, the Cadillac luxury DTS model was a memory of the past Cadillac eras, which had previously been seen in the image of the DeVille. This DTS predecessor had dominated the luxury car market segment for about 50-years. It represented the traditional motoring signs of the times with its big-car advantages of spaciousness with a comfortable and quiet riding experience. However, changing times dictated that this behemoth car like the Dinosaurs was called upon to adapt to the market demands. The passing years saw the majestic Cadillac DTS slowly adapting to the constantly changing in line with the ever changing perceptions of the consumer driven marketplace. Eventually, like the Dinosaur, its physical size and power gave way to relatively more manageable dimensions.

A View of the Cadillac Traditional DTS

Production of Cadillac's majestic DTS was from 2006-2011, with four levels of the trim being made available. They were the Base, Luxury, and Premium supplied with a 4.6 litre V8 engine that pushed out 275 horsepower. The fourth trim was the Performance, which was replaced by the Platinum for the 2010 model year.

However, both versions boasted the 292 horsepower version of the original V8 engine. It was marketed with a standard Magnetic Ride Control suspension. The Cadillac DTS power was transmitted to the front wheels by way of a four-speed automatic transmission. As was usual for a full-sized Cadillac sedan, the DTS was available with 5 or 6 seat passenger configurations.

Interior Spacious Comfort

In keeping with the size of the car, the interior was spacious and comfortable, with the front seated passengers able to recline in soft leather bucket seats, or a leather bench type in the six-passenger version. The rear seated passengers in the DTS luxury Cadillac had the benefit of equal legroom as those in front of them. The luggage situation was catered for with an almost 0.54 cubic metre trunk.

The controls aspect of the DTS were convenient with an easy operation, in comparison to the later and more technically advanced luxury sedans. This was shown on the road with the powerful Cadillac DTS having plenty in reserve for efficiently fast overtaking and cruising at high speed. This was supported by a suspension that provided a stable and complimentary ride.

This was a car that memories are made of and a ride in which the sound of the road is almost absent!