Cadillac Escalade: The perfect combination of functionality, technology, and sophistication.

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Cadillac Escalade

The Escalade from Cadillac could be said and seen to be different in a variety of ways. It offers a tough and rugged aura that's offset or refined by intelligent and innovative design and features. Versatility is an inherent aspect of the Escalade and it helps create a vehicle that is powerful, but at the same time provides you with a superb degree of control.

Cadillac Experience and Expertise in a Powerful Package

Smart and powerful is a combination to be envied! When you add a dynamic performance capability with remarkable fuel efficiency then you know there is something special in store for you. The Cadillac Escalade SUV combines a wide variety of talents into delivering a dynamic performance, but at the same time retains its poise and presence as a luxury motoring experience. There is a latent power delivery from a 6.2L, 420 horsepower V8 engine, which is linked to an intelligent 8-speed automatic transmission. It's a combination that enables a smooth and efficient movement between the gears. The Escalade projects Cadillac expertise shown with engine technologies, such as the Continuous Variable Valve Timing and multi-port Direct Injection, as well as Active Fuel Management. If it all sounds technically great, in practice, it's highly effective in ensuring that 460 lb.-ft. of torque is controlled and directed with the utmost efficiency.

Four Wheel Drive Power and What Else?

Power is always good to have in a vehicle, when you need it and when it's controlled. The Cadillac 4-Wheel Drive Escalade gives you the option to shift effortlessly between driving modes in changing driving conditions. The "AUTO" allows switching faultlessly between 2WD and 4WD for your average driving conditions. Alternatively, you have the 4-HI mode that assists in maintaining traction on challenging surface conditions. If you're towing a trailer then you can depend on the 4-LOW mode. The Escalade has all possibilities covered for you, enhanced with safety features that give you confidence just by reading them.

Escalade Road Presence

The majority of vehicle owners have pride in what they are driving and if it attracts the attention of other road users, it's generally deserved. Innovation and design engineers have given the Cadillac eye-catching Escalade a powerful road presence. With a combination of accentuated lines, angles and projected exterior features this SUV has an appearance unlike any other vehicle on the road today. At the same time, it makes a loud and clear statement that it is, a Cadillac! If you're seeking an extraordinary classic motoring experience, the designer-styled interior of the Escalade with its cut-and-sewn stitching and hand-finishes, offer you an environment that takes mobile luxurious comfort to another level, even to the extent of available massaging front seats! However, even with acoustic front glass, triple-sealed inset doors, and Bose active noise cancellation, your Escalade experience is only just beginning!