Cadillac SRX: An adventurous crossover with lots of power and style.

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Cadillac SRX

This Cadillac SUV provides a spacious and comfortable interior with seating for five and a good-sized cargo area of up to 844 litres with the rear seat folded. A wide variety of features are offered as standard including built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, OnStar 4G, Bose sound system and LCD colour touchscreen. The trim options are Base, Luxury, Performance, and Premium.

SRX Cadillac Luxury SUV Makes the Driving Difference

The SRX offers a Base and three other trims, Luxury, Performance, and Premium, and with the all-wheel drive facility on all but the base model. A direct-injected 3.6 litre V6 engine generating 308 horsepower is linked to a six-speed automatic transmission. An SRX advantage from Cadillac is the driver-selectable Eco feature designed to improve fuel efficiency when used in normal driving conditions.

Your driving experience is added to with an electronic stability and traction control that determines responsive handling. There are various other options that can benefit your SRX driving event, including Driver Awareness and Assist packages, which incorporate forward collision alert and lane departure warning, as well as high beam control, among various other options!

Handling the Class Cadillac SRX

The SRX luxury five-seat SUV although regarded by some as an option to the large truck-influenced Escalade, is different in many and varied respects. This is especially noticeable in relation to capacity and road presence. To a large extent, the SRX projects a class presence on the road and makes easy work of conveying four or five adults around the city or town, no matter what type of weather conditions are thrown at it. Under its Cadillac identifying image of designer curves and angles the SRX offers a conventional SUV profile, but with an appearance of refined tasteful luxury. The Cadillac SRX styling is highly compatible with its market promotion and projects a class road presence that cannot be ignored.

SRX Configuration and Versatility

Although the SRX is offered with a single powertrain configuration, there is a choice of an all-wheel drive version instead of the standard front-wheel option. The SRX 3.6L Cadillac engine is capable with an acceleration factor that provides a reasonable 0-96 km/h within a 7-second range. To be kept in mind is that the SRX has a substantial overall body weight of over 2041 kilograms. As far as SRX fuel efficiency is concerned, reportedly this SUV offers 13.84 L/100 km if you are driving in the city, 9.80 L/100 km cruising the highway and 12.38 L/100 km combined. These specifications are in respect of front-drive models. By comparison, the all-wheel drive version will give you 14.70 L/100 km in the City, 10.23 L/100 km on the highway and 13.07 L/100 km combined. Versatility is an asset, which is shown in the Cadillac SRX by a well designed and tailored interior plan. It's enhanced by a quiet cabin environment that is influenced by active noise cancellation technology.