Avalanche: Four-door, six passenger pickup truck

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Chevrolet Avalanche

The Chevrolet Avalanche is a distinctive utility vehicle blending comfort and passenger capacity with cargo. It has seen two generations of this model and both were based on the Chevrolet full-sized trucks and SUVs, sharing their basic underpinnings and powertrains.

Two Generations of the Chevrolet Avalanche

For those people on the lookout for a used vehicle to use as a workhorse, consider the Chevrolet Avalanche, as either of the two generations of it is a smart choice to buy. The Avalanche has a cargo capacity of a long-bed pickup truck and comes with a feature that can be converted from a five or six-passenger crew cab with a short cargo box into a two or three passenger pickup with a long cargo box. It also has a lockable hard plastic cover for keeping the bed contents safe on the drive.

Second Generation Chevrolet Avalanche

Production of the second generation Avalanche was from 2007 up until 2013. The exterior styling looked sleeker with a more pronounced nose shape and a more precise driving feel. The interior became more refined with driver and passenger comfort considered in the improved updated styling compared to that of the first generation model. The levels offered were the base Chevrolet Avalanche, (LS) mid-grade model, (LT) and the more luxurious Avalanche, (LTZ). The LTZ offered available features that included leather upholstery, Bose audio, and a rear-seat entertainment system.


All the Avalanche models came with a 5.3-Litre V8 producing 320 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque. For the 2007 to the 2009 models, a 6.0-Litre V8 with 366 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque was also an option. The earlier Chevrolet Avalanche models had a four-speed automatic transmission and for 2009 there was a six-speed automatic standard. This helped improve the fuel economy of the Avalanche. The vehicle came with an impressive towing capacity and with a markedly more pleasant drive than that of the first generation. During 2008, the Avalanche got standard side airbags, and the 2009 LTZ model received heated and ventilated front seats and the aforementioned Bose audio and leather upholstery. Final production came in 2013 and a model was called the Chevrolet Avalanche was known as the Black Diamond Avalanche. It was treated to special badging and some standard additional features.

When it came onto the market, the first-generation model was offered with two- or four-wheel drive and in half-ton (1500) or 3/4 ton (2500) designations. The 1500 has a 5.3-Litre V8 engine, good for 285 horsepower. The 2500 model has a 340-horsepower 8.1-Litre V8 and higher towing and payload capacities, with both of the engines coming standard with a four-speed automatic transmission. Stability control was made standard across the board for 2006.