Chevrolet Bolt: Stylish Electric Vehicle

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The concept of the Chevrolet Bolt is that of a car which delivers safety, affordability and all-around economical function. The new Chevrolet Bolt EV is an all-electric sub-compact hatchback that took the market by storm with its technological marvel and fascinating features. This vehicle is an actual head-turner, with eye-catching specs and beautifully chiselled sides. Sculpted body proportions and strong arches of the wheel offer it a robust and rock-solid command of the road. You spend less on engine maintenance when you have a Bolt EV since it does not rely on oil to lubricate the engine. Meaning that you will spend less time - and money - on regular oil changes. One paramount aspect of the Bolt's appeal is its affordability. With plenty of torque power and a composed ride, the Bolt EV will defy whatever wrong preconceptions or fixed ideas about electric cars you might have. It moves firmly without creating severe impacts into the vehicle’s cabin. The steering is accurate and quick, getting good feedback from its movement on the road. The brake pedal is solid and gives an above-average breaking power, although the reformative braking system that gives the battery recharge when the accelerator is lifted, means one can drive in nearly all situations without always pushing the brake pedal.

An Electric Design with a Resourceful Structure

The Bolt EV enjoys enough cargo room to hold five occupants and also carry extra loads behind the back seat. The cabin is neatly furnished and cleanly executed. It has a state-of-the-art dash and information screens, simple and without any buttons, embellishments or superfluous knobs. Its extensive central touchscreen is easy to operate and well organized. The Chevrolet Bolt EV has a generously large front and back passenger space allowing for a very comfortable ride, with space for five occupants. The interior space is even better than what is found in the Toyota C-HR.

Battery Charging and Performance

Although it takes almost nine hours using an outlet producing 240-volt to charge its battery fully, the fast charging build can give an additional 145kms of range in 30 minutes. It only requires a level 3 station for charging installed at home or nearby. The new upgrades of the Bolt EV allow for charge-termination configuration to curb unnecessary charging cost. The Bolt EV comes with standard features like teen driver technology, remote start, Apple Car play on a 10.2-inch touchscreen, heated front seats, cruise control, power-adjustable heated mirrors, rare camera, pedestrian safety functions, 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi, among other features. Chevrolet has also included new separate automated buttons for the vehicle heating and A/C. All trims are controlled by an electric motor, generating 200 hp or 150 kW with 266 lb.ft of torque coming from the 60 kW-hour of stored energy in the battery.

Fuel Economy and Safety

The information screen of the driver shows a moderately minimum or maximum range, according to speed, driving style, and temperature. The steering wheel paddle shifters allow the driver to operate the Bolt's regenerated brake level, as it can practically function as a one pedal vehicle, with the pedal of the brake reserved for quick stops. Also available is the all-electric hatchback with numerous driver-assistance improved technologies, which includes the rear-packing sensors and automated high-beam headlights. Other notable safety features comprise the automatic emergency braking, forward-collision alert, lane-keeping, and lane-departure functions, rare cross-traffic warning and a blind-spot monitor. The Bolt is remarkably attractive to drive, having a nice and balanced center of gravity which is provided by the underfloor battery weight. In addition to these details, is its priceless potential benefits to the environment. Until another ‘Electric Vehicle’ emerges that beats the stats and specs, the Bolt EV remains a household name in the market today for an everyday electric car. A Chevy’s stroke of genius.