Chevrolet G1500: Travel in comfort and safety with this full-sized van.

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Chevrolet G1500 Vans

Driving in the city for any reason is a task that can be time-consuming, frustrating and costly to any individual or business. The G1500 vans offer the advantage of easily accessible storage space and convenient manoeuvrability in the city streets.

Working with the G1500 Van in the City

City deliveries is a term that many businesses think is filled with anxiety and foreboding. From trying to manoeuvre through the congested streets to finding suitable parking in a reasonably sized space, it is a challenge while the cost-effective-clock is ticking the profits away. The type of vehicle you utilize for your deliveries is a critical issue because customers are not interested in your parking problems; they just want their goods on time. Therefore, it's a question of time and motion, which fortunately can be helped by the easily manoeuvrable Chevrolet G1500 Van.

For you, a G1500 van offers 9.8 L/100 km fuel economy, which means in effect greater productivity for each kilometre driven. General Motor design engineers have developed this vehicle for the purpose of increased all-around efficiency. The smooth, step-free gear shift is designed to decrease the stress on your transmission. At the same time, the performance levels of Chevrolet G1500 Vans are enhanced by their highly impressive fuel economy.

Making Stress-free and Cost-effective Deliveries

The Chevrolet G1500 Van has a big heart and a greater capacity. With a determined 3,475 L (122.7 cubic-feet.) of cargo volume available, it's further supplemented by an original structure that provides a max cargo length of 2,103 mm (83") behind the front seat. Adding to this is a full 1,219 mm (48") width load, located between the wheel wells, which are sufficient to cater for a standard wooden pallet.

Amongst the convenience-oriented features are 40/60 split rear doors that open 180 degrees, which provides you with easy access to the cargo area. For city driving, the Chevrolet G1500 van provides a traffic and parking negotiating asset in the form of an 11.2 m (36.5') turning diameter. This advantage permits easy and convenient access to the tight city spaces, which is another factor towards keeping your business in motion!

Your Business in Motion

In the highly competitive business environment of today, time wasted is money spent and therefore it is important to keep your productivity moving. For a business owner, you can utilize the convenient efficiency offered by the Chevrolet G1500 van into a mobile control centre. With inherent design features, you can create a flat workspace, with storage segments for laptops or files.