Chevrolet Sonic: A dependable small car that makes a statement.

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Chevrolet Sonic

In these days of available high-speed vehicles and hard impacts, safety has become an integral issue for all motorists. This is emphasized by Chevrolet and their new Sonic. With standard features such as 10 airbags and a host of other standard safety advantages, the driver and passengers are given the comfort of all-around security. Hatchback or sedan, it's a question of personal choice!

The 2017 Chevrolet Sonic Safety Options

Style, versatility, safety, and security are all part of the 2017 Chevrolet Sonic driving experience. There are safety features in abundance with a significant number of them being standard. From 10 airbags and a rear vision camera to electronic vehicle stability and traction control systems. In addition, there is an optional Driver Confidence package, which offers you Forward Collision Alert, Rear Park Assist and Lane Departure Warning.

For a relatively perceived small sedan or hatchback, this is already an example of impressive design. Moving into the power in motion aspect, there is an optional 1.4 L turbocharged engine, generating 138 horsepower and offered with an available six-speed manual transmission. This combo gives your Chevrolet Sonic an enviable combination of power and driving efficiency.

Into the Sonic Future

Auto manufacturers must not only keep pace with the trends and consumer demands of today but also look towards what the future can hold. The subcompact segment that includes the Chevrolet Sonic could be seen as an investment. With already overcrowded highways and byways and increasing demands for easier and faster transportation modes, it could be a situation whereby the subcompact vehicles will gain the edge!

Even in the sometimes highly pressured environment of today, it's all about being seen and making impressions towards that dream of success. There should still be space for some variety in driving because it cannot be all about driving the right SUV, which you may hate, but it looks good. The Chevrolet Sonic and its competitors have a big plus going for them; they're putting the fun back into motoring.

Turning the Clock Back to the Future

Maybe it is trying to turn the clock back to another era when instead of looking at buying the most expensive car on the block, you look at what could be a reasonably inexpensive but fun-to-drive car. Take for instance the Chevrolet Sonic RS version boasting a 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine linked to a 5-speed manual transmission, in the form of a subcompact four-door hatchback!

The body may be seen by some as being dated, but reportedly, it's been acknowledged that the Chevrolet Sonic style is attracting the attention of the younger consumers to the brand.