Chevrolet Traverse: Inject adventure to your everyday drive.

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Chevrolet Traverse

The Traverse is a mid-sized SUV that offers safe and comfortable driving capabilities with a large dose of adventurous influence. It's a vehicle that just by its appearance commands attention and makes the observer want to know more about what is beneath the new and redesigned exterior. This outward appeal is supported by an interior design in which consideration to convenience, safety, and technical detail is apparent.

The Traverse can Turn the City into a Driving Adventure

The Traverse is an SUV with various characteristics! Of particular interest to families is that the Chevrolet Traverse provides a comfortable travel environment for everyone that is spacious and importantly caters for a maximum cargo storage space of 2789 L (98.5 cubic ft.). Adding to this is a further concealed under-floor rear storage compartment. Fully utilizing this cargo area with a full seating capacity and still providing a greater cargo space behind the third row than its major competitors!

This SUV is not lacking in the power stakes either; with a 3.6L V6 engine, there is an impressive 305 horsepower with an optional towing capability to cater for most applications in your adventurous driving experience. The Chevrolet Traverse RS versions feature a 2.0L turbocharged engine that produces 255 horsepower with a torque of 295 lb.-ft. In addition, a standard 9-speed automatic transmission will give you smooth shift management as well as a respectable fuel efficiency ratio.

Inherent Towing Ability and More

Moving into the selected traction mode, you will discover this convenient feature valuable in adjusting the performance of your vehicle to meet the demands of challenging road surfaces. It's achieved just by the simple turning of a dial.

When setting your SUV for everyday driving, for example, you will select "FWD". If your Chevrolet Traverse is equipped with the available four-wheel-drive, then the FWD setting will assist with improving fuel efficiency. 4X4/SNOW mode "FWD" can help provide more control on snow and ice covered road surfaces. The Off-Road mode, available on AWD models, dispatches a greater degree of torque to the rear wheels for improved traction on snow, gravel, grass, and loose dirt surfaces.

What can become a crucial influence with any vehicle of this type is the towing capacity. The Chevrolet Traverse mid-size SUV will give you the confidence of an available towing potential of up to 2268 kg. This advantage is supported with a variety of impressive benefits such as intelligent Auto Stop/Start technology, which is a savvy way of helping to save gasoline in stop-and-go driving conditions.

The selection of versatile Chevrolet Traverse models offer something for everyone and allow them to experience a driving adventure!