Chrysler Town & Country

The Chrysler Town & Country minivan is a comfortable passenger and cargo transporter. With space to spread out on a road trip and easy access and comfort around town. It's supported with a 283 horsepower V6 engine and a 6-speed automatic Transmission that gives you highly-acceptable power and fuel economy. For the driver and passengers, handling and safety are inherent features.

Moving the Market Towards the Chrysler Town & Country Option

When it made its debut in the 2017 model year, the Town & Country achieved the distinction of being the only minivan beating the Chrysler brand name. This year would see the demise of the Dodge Grand Caravan, as the Chrysler Town & Country enters the motoring arena, as new, three-row crossover. It could be argued that the Chrysler Town & Country is a vehicle being promoted to a consumer market which has had its attention directed in other many and varied directions! Chrysler is credited with the creation of the modern minivan market segment and therefore, it could be a question of the manufacturer needing to provide something exceptional.

Town & Country Profile

The body profile of the new Chrysler Town & Country gives the impression of being lower than the current model; with the roof presenting a crossover-type streamlining that indicates the Chrysler design engineers are on track as far as styling is concerned. Whilst this may not satisfy the skeptics a further development could be appreciated is the interior which has been to an extent, influenced by past models but with a centre stacked, digital gauge cluster. The general platform design has a positive outlook for the interior of the Town & Country from Chrysler. The inclusion of an independent suspension allows additional space for components such as the exhaust system, fuel tank, and those associated with the optional all-wheel-drive. There is also the possibility of more space available for cabin seating combinations.

The Plug in Hybrid Powertrain Option

Offered with a plug-in-hybrid powertrain provides the Town & Country Minivan from Chrysler with a high degree of originality. It is competing in a segment that is not recognized for its variations in powertrains. For Chrysler, the option of a plug-in will not only show a strong and committed initiative but provides them with a significant marketing impetus. This is in comparison to the competition only offering consumers a single engine/transmission combo. Regarding the non-hybrid Town & Country engine potential; this can depend primarily on how much weight the manufacturer can trim from its minivan! The Chrysler Town & Country Minivan is a vehicle that offers a unique practicality combined with a comfortable ride and all the features to make a short or long distance journey an enjoyable experience. A vehicle for all occasions could be an apt description!