Avenger: Front-Wheel Drive, Mid-sized Sedan

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Dodge Avenger

Two different models in two different time-zones form part of the Dodge Avenger history. From an appealing mid-size Coupe, this gained some motoring popularity to the more recent Stratus sedan that encountered a mixed reaction and market competition.

The Avenger Drives Again

The Dodge Avenger first saw life as a two-door coupe which arrived on the motoring scene during the 1990s. It was an impressive looking car with an almost predatory road presence and offered responsive handling from its driver and a spacious interior. The market welcomed this new addition and it continued its popularity until it faded into obscurity. The Dodge Avenger scenario remained blank for a significant time until 2008, when the name was reincarnated by Dodge with a model that was the successor to the Stratus sedan.

The second-generation sedan model Avenger, however, did not achieve the success of its coupe predecessor. Although receiving a relative major upgrading during its life term. Designed to improve a variety of faults, it continued to be unable to compete in the midsize sedan marketplace. Primarily, the ability of the 2nd generation Dodge Avenger to compete in its market environment revolved around issues associated with interior design and the degree of overall presentation.

Avenger Generations Share Their Talents

The later second-generation Avenger had the advantages of sharing a significant amount of its inherent engineering with the previous Chrysler 200 sedan, with the main differences in the two vehicles being the styles. The more aggressive shape of the Dodge Avenger was directed towards a younger audience including the offer of a two-engine option! These were presented as a 2.4L, 173 horsepower 4-cylinder or a 3.5L, V6 that turned out 283 horsepower.

Power from the 4-cylinder version was transmitted to the front wheels of the vehicle by way of a 4-or-6-speed automatic transmission, according to the level of trim. Choosing the V6 option would give buyers a 6-speed auto-transmission with a manual-shift mode. The trims offered by the Dodge Avenger are SE, SXT and R/T. Whilst the SE level provides a reasonable range of features, the SXT trim would give you added features, such as an upgraded transmission, as well as automatic climate control. Also, a powered driver's seat and a six-speaker sound system, complete with a satellite radio.

For those buyers opting for the sports-type, R/T Dodge Avenger trims, they received the V6 engine as standard, and in addition, 18-inch alloy wheels. This package is added to with a sports-tuned suspension, heated front sports seats in either leather or cloth upholstery, a remote start, and Bluetooth together with an upgraded audio feature. The second-generation Dodge Avenger made its appearance for the 2008 model year, with its major upgrade in 2011.