Dart: A Triple Shot of Adrenaline

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Dodge Dart

The Dodge Dart made its first appearance in the 2013 model year and established itself as an appealing and fun-type small sedan. With surprising space for its passengers, the compact Dart has become something of an economic motoring character.


Economy With User-Friendly Capabilities

With more room for passengers than you would expect and an available Uconnect touchscreen interface, the sports-styled Dodge Dart offers an appealing driving alternative. It's all-around styling and features are not only functional but offer a user-friendliness that competes well with others in its segment. This is all added to with impressive responsive handling capabilities, particularly on the performance-focused GT trim version.

The Dart of today could be seen as a reincarnation of a previously popular brand identity. The new versions, however, have left any past influences behind them and offers expertise combined with that of the Italian partner, Fiat. It is to the extent that the Dodge Dart has adopted a modified version of the Alfa Giulietta platform.

When we compare the latest version of the model it replaces, the new generation sedan offers a designer-engineered-styled exterior that is more conducive to its particular market segment and its consumers. The newly updated double-crosshair Dodge Dart grille is enhanced with a curving coupe-type roofline and form of aggressive road presence that is representative of the brand.

Inside and Outside the New Dodge Dart

If you are someone who likes their driving comfort then you will enter an interior that for this market category is luxurious. It has taken the Dart of today into another comfort dimension, although there could be more room in the rear for seating 3-adults.

The new era of the Dodge Dart is generous with its options mix, with features that are variably extensive and include three optional engines. Starting with the base 2.0-litre, which will give you 160 horsepower with 148 lb.-ft. of torque. Then you have the choice of a turbocharged 1.4-litre 'Tigershark' unit that utilizes the MultiAir technology from Fiat. This enables it to generate 160 horsepower with a torque of 184 lb-ft. Last but not least is the 2.4-L version of the Tigershark engine, which offers 184 horsepower and a 171 lb-ft. torque. Overall, there is a choice of five trims related to the equipment aspect.

A pleasant additional feature is the inclusion of an electrically powered steering system, which provides the sensation of driving with a professionally-tuned hydraulically assisted rack and pinion steering box. This, however, could be seen as an encouragement for aggressive driving through the bends, which is added to by the Dodge Dart inclusion of a MacPherson strut-style front suspension and trailing-arm independent rear axle.
In effect, this Dart will be seen by many motorists as a car that can give them a personally satisfying motoring experience!