Magnum: Rear-wheel station wagon

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Dodge Magnum

Most Dodge Magnums are rear-wheel drives, however for the SXT and RT versions all wheel drive (AWD) was available. As they had added traction capabilities, the AWD wagon was an alternative for people living in poor weather conditions.

The Perfect Vehicle for Utility Usage and Family Outings

The Dodge Magnum first made an appearance in 1978 in two trims, XE and GT. The Dodge idea was to produce a car with more aerodynamics that it would be eligible for NASCAR. Styled with four rectangular headlights complete with retractable clear covers, narrow opera-styled windows, as well as having the option of a power sunroof or a T-bar fitted. The features included power steering, brakes and seats, and front and rear anti-sway bars. The suspension of the vehicle included standard adjustable, longitudinal torsion bars, as well as the Magnum, came equipped with lower trailing links. The base engine was a 5.2-litre V8 with Lean-Burn, while two and four-barrel carburettor, 5.9-litre and 6.6-litre V8's were available options. The vehicle weight was 1,800 kg. These Magnums were discontinued in 1979.

Dodge Magnum Reborn

2005 saw the rebirth of the Magnum. It was brought out as a station wagon and built by the plant in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. There were four engine options for the new Dodge Magnum. For the SE trim, there was a 190 horsepower 2.72 Litre LH V6. The SXT came with 250 horsepower 3.5Litre V6, and for the RT there was the then new 340 horsepower 5.7 Litre Hemi V8. The SRT-8 was equipped with a 425 horsepower 6.1 Litre Hemi engine. The SXT and RT trims had the option of AWD and five-speed automatic transmission. The other models were equipped with four-speed automatic transmissions. The SRT-8 Magnum was transformed and equipped with 20-inch wheels, a firmer suspension, larger Brembo brakes, a revised front and rear fascia and new lower-body treatment.

In 2005, the Magnum was recognized on the Car and Driver's Ten Best Cars of the year list and in 2006, it was awarded the title of Best New Modern Muscle Car in the Canadian Car of the year contest.

2008 Magnum Revamp

Dodge decided to give the Magnum a facelift for 2008, as well as updating the interior. The car's front fascia now sported new aggressive squared odd headlights and a smaller rectangular shaped grille. For the SRT-8 there was a new hood scoop. The vehicle also came painted with a new catchy bright red colour.

However, at the end of 2007, Chrysler announced that it intended to restructure and that as part of the plans, the Dodge Magnum would be among those vehicles that it was intending to discontinue. The production of the Magnum came to an end on March 28, 2008.