Dodge Ram 3500: Arguably the hardest-working truck on Earth.

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Dodge Ram 3500

There is a variety of options available for configuring a Ram 3500 to satisfy all your personal preferences. If you are seeking a reliable daily workhorse with power and comfort, this is the vehicle for you and it's got style!

Heavy Duty Comfort with the Dodge Ram 3500

The Ram 3500 is a leading heavy-duty truck contributed to by a well designed and comfortable interior and ride experience. With an exceptional towing and hauling capacity the Dodge Ram 3500 is a workhorse able to provide you with some added power when needed and with style. Similar to its model 1500 and 2500, the Ram 3500 offer various configurations for the cabin, powertrain and box length.

There are various and able competitors in this market segment, but they do not offer arguably, one of the primary Dodge Ram 3500 features. This is an available rear-air suspension complete with an automatic load-level facility that makes hauling a large cargo load a comfortable and convenient task!

Ram 3500 Versatility

An example of vehicle versatility is shown by the Laramie Longhorn or Limited trims that offer a 5th Wheel/Towing Prep pack, or the SLT Crew Cab with a short bed, not forgetting to mention the available Dodge Ram 3500 Dual Rear Wheels, (DRW) dually, which enhances braking and handling. One aspect that is worth keeping in mind is the boosted steering and the fact of ordering the heavy-duty automatic if you want the highest torque rating from the engine!

Staying with the power aspect, the Dodge Ram 3500 utilizes an inline-six, which with the high-output version. This reportedly provides 385 horsepower with 900 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, this large truck offered acceleration from zero to 96 km/h in 9.1 seconds. On the question of surface performance, if you're considering using the Ram 3500 for some rock climbing activities, reconsider that idea. The Ram 3500 dually offers a 4x4 system that is intended primarily for snow and muddy farm work or fire roads. This type of truck can be considered too large to get involved in any serious rock-climbing activities.

The Dodge Ram 3500 gives you over a 2540-kilogram payload capacity, and realistically, you can't expect this monster to perform like a crossover SUV. However, one thing is for sure, the Ram 3500 will provides a surprisingly comfortable, quiet and smooth experience within the heavy-duty segment.

Any concerns about stopping the Dodge Ram 3500 are solved with the exhaust brake that produces a great sound, but also does a highly capable job of slowing the truck on surface declines. Another bonus is that transmission will retain one gear driving up long grades due to that significant amount of available torque!
For powered comfort and performance, the Dodge Ram 3500 offers it all!