Fiat 500L: A practical wagon that exudes style.

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Fiat 500L

Experience a touch of Italian style combined with space for up to five passengers plus cargo too with the Fiat 500L. A roomy hatchback with a quality finish, the 500L is a worthy addition to the Fiat family.

The Fiat 500L Offers Space and Style

If you like the styling of the classy Fiat 500 but need a bit more space, take a look at its larger sibling, the Fiat 500L.

With more room inside and with a bigger presence on the road, the 500L has the same beautiful curves but supersized to create more space.

There are several vehicles in the range, including a seven-seater wagon and another which has some off-road capacity, plus there's a selection of different trims available.

Drivers have the option of driving with either gas or diesel, offered with both manual and automatic transmissions. The gas comes with a 0.9 Twinair engine which produces 85 horsepower or a choice of two different 1.4 models, offering 95 or 120 horsepower. The diesel engine starts at a 1.3 litre with 95 horsepower or a 1.6 litre and 120 horsepower.

Sassy Styling Across the Range

The driving position in this car is much higher than with hatchbacks, and unlike the Fiat 500, there are five doors making entry and exit much easier to manage. The car can in theory seat five, but three adults sitting in the passenger area are likely to feel quite cramped.

In the trunk, there's a 400-litre capacity which is fairly standard for this class of car. What is clever, however, is the adjustable floor which makes it easier to load or unload without reaching deep into the car, while still providing the capability to extend the space for maximum storage.

The interior of the 500L enjoys the same quality of finish and retro styling as its smaller stablemate with the Fiat badge, chrome handles and round gear knob giving a distinctive appearance. If you choose one of the high trim models, you'll have the benefit of the full infotainment system which includes a seven-inch screen and satellite navigation.

The base edition doesn't offer air conditioning even as an upgrade so if you like your car to stay cool, you might want to opt for a higher trim. These include dual-zone climate control along with parking sensors, glass roof and automatic lights to add real comfort to the car.

Safety Features to Appreciate

Safety is prominent for the 500L as Fiat have crammed each of the models full of features such as ABS, traction control, electronic stability control and driver/side/passenger airbags as standard on all models. Higher trims can also add the optional Safety pack which includes automatic braking, a heated windscreen, front fog lights and automatic wipers. The Fiat 500L is a generously sized family hatchback with beautiful styling accompanied by good road performance and decent fuel economy.