The History of Ford

Henry Ford, the original founder of the Ford Motor Company, is still one of the most famous names connected with the car industry today. Born in 1863, Henry Ford lived in an era when motor cars were reserved for the privileged few but his ambition was to create a company which would bring automobiles to the masses. Founded in 1903 and based in Michigan, Ford sprang into life producing 1750 vehicles in the following two years, priced at $750 each. At this point, traditional methods of assembly were still being used, an inefficient process that couldn’t cope with large volumes. As demand for the relatively inexpensive car rose, Henry Ford invented the very first assembly line used in manufacturing. The result of this was that production rocketed dramatically, coinciding with the release of Fords iconic Model T. The combination of these factors brought Henry Ford’s ambition to life. Between 1908 and 1927 Ford produced 15 million of the Model T, numbers which would previously have been unthinkable.

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