Ford Crown Victoria: An iconic vehicle that is both roomy and durable.

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Ford Crown Victoria

The Ford Crown Victoria is a vehicle that's no longer in production for civilians but remains very popular due to its generous sizing and sturdy design. It remains in use by some law enforcement agencies today.

Relax in the Luxury of a Ford Crown Victoria

Large, solid and reliable, the Ford Crown Victoria is a six-seater sedan that many people will be more familiar with as a police vehicle. No longer available for purchase by civilians in Canada since 1999, the Crown Vic remains on sale for fleet use, by both law enforcement, cab drivers and other agencies.

Despite no longer being in production for general sales, the Vic has a devoted army of fans thanks to its durable and cost-effective design.

Ford opted for a more traditional approach with this car, using a sturdy body on frame structure combined with a solid rear axle. The re-design of the model in 2003 saw the introduction of rack and pinion steering and a whole new front suspension, intended to provide improved handling.

The Crown Victoria comes in at a hefty 2 tons, but despite its weight it is still a quick mover thanks to the V8, 4.6 litre engine which delivers 224 horsepower and 272 lb-ft of torque. The premium LX model had an even better performance with 239 horsepower and 287 lb-ft of torque.

All models of the Crown Victoria had a four-speed automatic transmission, but those fitted with the sports package benefitted from an upgraded torque converter plus shorter rear axle gearing.

A Spot of Traditional Luxury

The Ford Crown Victoria can be considered as traditional vehicle with many strengths. The Ford company understands that this isn't a vehicle for someone who wants a car that has a modern and contemporary appearance, and they haven't tried to meddle with its classic design.

The interior has a slight retro vibe, although Ford did make changes to the dash and instrument panel in the last few years of production. Some of the updates they made included getting rid of the analog odometer and the introduction of a new steering wheel and power pedals. Drivers wanting a higher trim level could opt for a 6 disc CD changer as well as a powered moonroof.

Safe and Reliable

As the vehicle chosen for law enforcement agencies in not just Canada but the US too, it's not surprising that the Ford Crown Victoria has an exemplary safety record for driving. It remains one of the very few vehicles which is certified for high-speed collisions with rear impact.

ABS and low-speed traction control were available on the Crown Vic as an optional extra, but in later models were included as standard. Keyless entry via the SmartLock system was added in 2007 as a security feature. Although the Ford Crown Victoria is a vehicle that’s no longer in production it remains popular in the used car market to its generous sizing and sturdy design.