Ford250 S/D: Strong Engine, Trucker's Truck

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Ford F250 S/D

Ford is looking to inject some “young blood” in its pickup segment through the Ford F250 S/D. In addition to its powerful engine and roomy interiors, it also packs cutting-edge autonomous technology. It promises to rise up to the same kind of glory that its iconic predecessors enjoy.

When you’re on the lookout for an iconic workhorse that you know simply gets the job done without any chance of failing one’s expectations, that used to be the legendary Ford F150. But, its younger brother comes so drastically improved that it just raises the bar for the rest of its category – there’s really no other way to put it. The Ford F250 Super Duty or S/D has been reworked from the ground up and now comes with such odds and ends like more powerful engines, roomy interiors and, of course, tons of tech and convenience features that come as both standard and optional extras. Here’s everything you need to know about this young blood that promises to rise up to the same kind of glory its older brother once had.

Built For Reliability And Stamina

It’s no secret that Ford has the whole workhorse/truck thing down; as a result, the company’s engineers re-invented the F250 S/D in anticipation of it being used for heavy-duty work. 95% high strength steel has been used to cast the large cross members and frame rails, contrasted by lightweight aluminum used to make the pickup box and body panels. In addition to the overall construction being lighter than previous generations, the company says that the new materials are also extremely dent-resistant.

Among the choices you have when it comes to the F250, the mid-range level is the perfect trade-off between comfort and ruggedness. It comes complete with standard rear parking sensors, a power-sliding rear window, tubular side steps, telescoping, and power-folding outside mirrors, fog lights, a four-wheel-drive system (on said models only), as well as bright finished 18-inch alloy wheels. At the same time, the inside is not only extremely roomy but also very comfortable. A built-in massage function further improves the already impressive heated and cooled multi-contour seats on the higher trim levels. Additionally, adults have more room to stretch out on the crew cab’s rear bench.

More High-Tech Than Ever

Autonomous technology is on full display in the F250 as the entire heavy-duty truck segment truly represents an ordeal when it comes to transporting loads carefully and maneuvering a truck of the F250’s size. As a result, Ford has made sure that spending time in and going about with your F250 is a walk in the park – this is thanks to no less than seven cameras scattered throughout the outer shell, each of which feeds data back into the truck’s electronic hub. You’re able to gaze behind thanks to a tailgate camera, the flanks are kept safe as a result of two more cameras found in the side-view mirrors and you can even watch over the bed as there’s also another camera in the high-mounted centre brake light. If that’s not enough, you also have the option of using the truck’s 12-pin electrical connection to mount yet another camera on the trailer. It is clear that Ford has really put effort into making the F250 as autonomous and easy to use as possible.

All That Usability At A Brisk Pace

There’s plenty to be said about the F250’s 6.7-litre turbocharged diesel V8 engine and all the torque it’s been tuned to provide – all 925 lb.-ft. of it, especially when combined with the 440 horsepower coming out of the engine. Both of these mean you’re at the receiving end of effortless acceleration and hauling trailers and massive loads without so much as sounding like it’s struggling, let alone actually doing so. Overall, if you’re on the market for a truck that will get you wherever you need to go and one you can rely on day in and day out to haul whatever it is you need to be hauled, the Ford F250 S/D is definitely a top contender and legend-in-the-making.