Ford F350 SD: A tough truck that packs the muscle to prove it.

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Ford F350SD

If you’re a towing enthusiast by nature, there’s a pretty wide selection of pickups out there to suit your every need. But, if what you’re after are pedigree, accessibility, and unrivalled reliability, there’s a new player on the field you’d be wise to look out for: the Ford F350 S/D. A powerful behemoth, the F350 is surprisingly docile when you need it to be unless you need tons of torque and power on a daily basis. Even then, it delivers remarkably and responsively, with a civilized sound and demeanour. Here’s everything you need to know about this Goliath among pickups.

Engineered To Be Powerful, Yet Subtle

When you take a look at the sheer numbers on paper, they are impressive as ever: 440 horsepower couple with a staggering 925 lb.-ft. of torque, all thanks to a 6.7-litre Power Stroke turbodiesel V8. On the other hand, the engine sounds tame when started cold and further quiets down after becoming warm. Behind the wheel, it’s the monster torque that surprises you off the bat. You’ll likely need to readjust your right foot in order to avoid being thrusted back into the seat, as the throttle is very sensitive – it takes only two millimetres to employ the torque from a standstill. You can forget about turbo lag, meaning instantaneous overtakes and slingshot acceleration despite the size and weight of the F350.

Built To Work, Not Just Dazzle

On-road manners of such a sizeable four-wheeler are as expected: the ride is rigid on rougher roads, and at the same time laid-back and surprisingly forgiving at higher speeds on highways. When it comes to long-haul cruises, the F350 is king of the road, simply put. Additionally, it kind of feels like it’s the road that’s getting the worse end of the deal when you go over a frost heave or pothole with your F350. Another highlight of this monstrous pickup is its refined radar cruise system, now practically invisible and very smooth. Ensuring flawless throttle application and never being startled or missing anything, lane changes are now a thing of beauty as the system ensures your F350 is in perfect sync with the surrounding traffic, never disturbing other drivers.

Functional And To-The-Point On The Inside

Certainly one of the most welcomed features in the F350’s cabin is the huge panoramic sunroof, which opens up space beautifully. Add to that a downward sweeping front window line and power-sliding glass panel on the seamless rear window and you find yourself in a vehicle that offers not just an elevated seating position due to its size, but exceptionally outward visibility at the same time. Climbing into the truck would have been a challenge, though, if it weren’t for the power-deployable side-steps. Despite its DNA being that of a thoroughbred workhorse, the F350’s interior still incorporates rich colours, textures, and materials to create a welcoming and surprisingly rich atmosphere. Unrivalled Usability Whether it’s lining up a trailer, parking assistance or you’d like some situational awareness, there are body-mounted cameras all over the body of the F350, not to mention that the tailgate is power-operated complete with assist step. There’s plenty to be said about the very good headlights as well, which offer astonishing peripheral lighting. Should a creature be planning to cross the road in the middle of your late-night drive, you’ll have plenty of notice and time to react thanks to these. The Ford Sync system is new and improved – unlike past versions, it is now more responsive, easier to use flat out logical. Another highly impressive feature of the Ford F350 S/D is the fact that, for a machine of its size, it is surprisingly maneuverable, especially when it comes to brake-and-evade maneuvers. Overall, the F350 is a remarkable feat of engineering – one definitely worth investing in if you need a subtle looking, yet extremely potent pickup.