Ford Five Hundred: Appealing style that's complemented by a refined engine.

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Ford Five Hundred

If you prefer a larger vehicle, check out the super-sized Ford Five Hundred. The largest Ford sedan, there's a comfortably raised driving position plus a range of other safety and driving features.

The Ford Five Hundred, a Super-Sized Sedan

The Ford Five Hundred is a full-sized sedan which was inspired by two of its predecessors, the Ford Galaxie 500 and the Ford Fairlane 500, both of which were popular in the 1960s.

A car that was created after the acquisition of Volvo, the Five Hundred is a large vehicle that dwarfs many other vehicles within the same class. Based on the Ford D3 which was developed from the Volvo P2, the Five Hundred represents the very best of both manufacturers' designs.

The Five Hundred isn't just large on the outside, it also provides a high driving position, a feature that many prefer for both safety and visibility reasons. As a quirky addition, the seats in the rear of the car are higher than the front, affording passengers similar benefits.

The size is one of the most prominent features of this model, with the option of folding rear seats and front passenger seat. This means that items up to 3m long can be easily accommodated and contained completely within. Even though the Five Hundred wasn't intended as a cargo vehicle, its flexibility is certainly a big advantage.

Only one engine is offered with the Five Hundred, the same that is fitted to the Ford Taurus, the Duratec V6 3.0 litre. This is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

A Spacious Interior

Being such a large sedan on the outside means that the Ford Five Hundred has lots of room inside too, making it popular with those who like a spacious vehicle. There is plenty space in the front and back seating areas giving taller passengers an equally comfortable ride no matter where they sit.

The trunk is another large area providing ample room to carry any type of cargo. According to Ford it has even enough to stash eight golf bags.

A leather trim, wood effect accenting, air conditioning and a CD player complete the interior features.

Impeccable Safety

There's no question that Volvo design played an integral part in the Ford Five Hundred, and this is particularly evident in the safety features.

Ford created their own version of the Side Impact Protection System for the Five Hundred and for this reason, it's often revered as a vehicle that's especially safe to drive. Front, side and curtain airbags are available as extras while four-wheel ABS brakes are included as standard.

If you enjoy your vehicles on the larger size, you won't find anything to beat the Ford Five Hundred. Big, spacious and with the focus on safety, you'll never feel better behind the wheel of a car.