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GMC is a well-known automotive brand throughout the world and it is a division of General Motors, founded in the 1900s. The General Motors Truck Company (GMC) is a division of General Motors, which was founded in 1908. Although the company mainly focus their efforts on commercial vehicles, they also manufacture automobiles such as sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks, and buses. GMC has a extensive lineup of vehicles including the very stylish Terrain and the sturdy Savana. The company is known for their reliability and is one of the longest standing car brands in the world.

GMC Models

A Brief History About General Motors

In 1912 General Motors launched its first successful truck, and this was done at the New York International Auto Show. The company went on to manufacture a wide range of popular models since then, and their lineup also includes various commercial trucks. The company has acquired 50% of Pontiac in 1909, and several months later, GM took full control. By the 1960s, General Motors has introduced several new models to the market, including the Buick Special and the Pontiac Tempest. The Chevrolet Vega was also the first car to be robotically manufactured, and it was introduced in 1970, a true milestone for the company.

In 1970, the GMC Motorhome was introduced, but it was short-lived and was discontinued in 1978. The company continued to focus on their commercial vehicles, SUVs, and trucks.

By 1990 the company debuted an electric car, the Impact, and by 1999 General Motors acquires the Hummer brand. The company went on to win a number of prestigious awards in 2013, paving the way for a very bright and beautiful future.

Some of their most popular vehicles include the Acadia Crossover SUV, Sierra HD, and the Yukon. GMC also boasts a wide range of SUVs, trucks, and commercial vehicles - all built to be durable and attractive at the same time.

The GMC Sierra 1500 is one of the most popular trucks in their lineup. It's a full-size pickup with a sporty yet rugged feel. This vehicle comes with precision and premium finishes to please any truck enthusiast.

General Motors is known for reliability, and some of their trucks have many similarities with Chevrolet’s range, especially in terms of the look and build. Some of the smaller trucks in the General Motors range are fitted with the popular Pontiac V8 engines, which include the Oldsmobile and Buick.

Being one of the largest automotive brands in the world, General Motors continues to improve and make their mark in the automotive industry. They have some of the most recognizable cars in the world and have a strong line of commercial trucks and buses as well.