GMC G2500 Vans: Robust Powerful Vans

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Although tweaked and updated over the years, the GMC G2500 is still, in essence, that same van launched many years ago. Much hasn’t changed in its interior, and its old-school styling might make you consider more refined options in this class. However, for buyers who value functionality more than refinement, the GMC G2500 remains a favourite choice.

If you need a work van with reputable performance and reliable service delivery, the GMC G2500 is that van. Whether you need a workhorse van for commercial duty or a simple van for shuttle services, the GMC G2500 van has you covered. You may not be impressed by its lack of amenities, but its seating capacity for up to 15 people makes it fit for whatever job you give it.

The GMC G2500 van is available in two trims; the base LS, and the LT. There isn’t much difference between the two trims when it comes to exterior styling. They look more or less the same. However, the higher trim (LT), comes with additional features that make it a step ahead.

Interior and Exterior Styling

The GMC G2500 passenger vans come in regular and extended body lengths. The latter offers more cargo volume and seating for 15 people. Compared to other vans, with its seating capacity of 15, the GMC G2500 offers one of the largest seating capacities in the segment, something which gives it a plus. Unfortunately, the GMC G2500 doesn’t offer the extended roof height that’s common with its rival vans, and passengers have to duck more as they enter and exit the vehicle.

Something else to take note of is the cargo area behind the van’s rear seats. Compared to rival vans, the GMC G2500 offers more room behind the back seats, and space is big enough to carry every passenger’s carry-on luggage. Additionally, you can turn the GMC G2500 into a makeshift cargo van by removing all the seats to create more cargo room. What’s more? This van can be customized to accommodate wheelchairs and assist with entry, and therefore even the disabled are well taken care of.

As for its exterior styling, there isn’t much to admire, as it has carried on its old-school design over generations. However, the GMC G2500 has a trapezoidal grille with a large GMC badge on its front end, a design that’s unique for this van, and that distinguishes it from the rest.

Performance and Driving

The GMC G2500 van offers three engine choices; a 4.8-litre V8 that’s standard in base-level trim, a 6.0-litre V8 offered in the top LT trim and an optional 2.8-litre 4-cylinder unit turbo-diesel engine. The base engine offers sufficient horsepower and torque to tow a fully-loaded cargo or passenger van, though for extra towing power consider the 6.0-litre V8 engine. New for the GMC G2500 van is the turbo-diesel powertrain which comes with 8-speed automatic transmission. Even though this engine doesn’t give higher towing numbers, it offers better fuel economy than gasoline engines.

Whether you’re using it as basic work van to carry materials to the job site, or as a shuttle to ferry passengers to the airport, the GMC G2500 van is equal to the task. Apart from having one of the highest towing capacities in the segment, it offers an all-wheel drive, a rare feature in most work vans.

How is it like, behind the wheel? To say the truth, the GMC G2500 van isn’t designed for comfort and maneuverability. It just delivers what’s necessary to get the job done. With its ancient design, it’s difficult for the van to negotiate tighter spaces, and as such, it isn’t easy to park it. The seat comfort and passenger space are just right, though the rival vans do better in this. Even so, the GMC G2500 rides just well and you won’t struggle on the road.

Need a work van or a passenger van to get the job done? Try the GMC G2500. It’s not only affordable but also offers one of the highest passenger capacities in the segment.