GMC G3500 Vans: Perfect for Large Families

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Fans of 1970’s vans will tell you that much hasn’t changed about the GMC G3500 van apart from a few features added to it to give it a modern touch. Its overall shape and design largely resemble the vans of the early 1970s, and for enthusiasts who value refinement, other rival vans would top the list. However, despite its advanced age and old-school construction, the GMC G3500 van offers much of the traditional benefits of a van, and as such, it’s still rocking the auto market in this segment.

If you’re running a business and you need ample space for storage, the GMC G3500 is the van for you. Whether it’s ferrying building materials to the worksite or carrying passengers to the airport, this van is always good on the job. The GMC G3500 can easily be customized to serve specific needs, and this is very much appreciated in an ever-more-mobile society.

The GMC G3500 van is available in two trims; the base trim LS, and the LT. The two trims resemble in many aspects and you may not differentiate them at first sight. However, as you take a close look at the vans, you’ll notice that the LT has some additional features, and looks more refined than the base trim. Additionally, the GMC G3500 vans can be ordered in a long wheelbase for extra cargo space or additional seating row. This is only available for the 3500 vans, and those who opt for the 1500 and 2500 vans have to forego it.

Exterior and Interior Styling

While you may not be impressed by the GMC G3500’s lack of amenities, you’ll appreciate its passenger capacity of 15. This is one attribute that makes this van stand tall among its competitors. For those who need a van for shuttle services, this is something to look out for. Something else that will catch your attention about the GMC G3500 is its ease of access. From its traditional sliding-side door to the available hinged split-doors for the side and rear, this van is all about flexibility. However, the GMC G3500 doesn’t offer the extended roof height that allows one to work in the cargo bay without having to stoop over, and this is a drawback for this van.

Whether you opt for the crew cargo version, the cargo, or the passenger model, the GMC G3500 offers loads of interior space to serve whichever purpose you need it for. Cargo models offer seats for two, whereas the crew cargo model offers seats for five and still offers plenty of cargo room at the back. Additionally, the GMC G3500 can easily be customized to sometimes serve either purpose; ferrying cargo or passengers. You can simply turn it into a cargo van by wiping out the back seats to create more room for cargo. Generally, there isn’t much to admire in its interior apart from the loads of interior space that’s unmatched by the rival vans.

Performance and Driving

With a 10000-pound tow rating, the GMC G3500 is one of the most capable vans in this segment. You don’t need to worry about heavy loads as this work van is strong enough to ferry whatever you throw at it. The GMC G3500 offers three engine options; the base 4.3-litre V6, an optional 6.0-litre V8, or 2.8-liter turbo-diesel 4-cylinder engine. The base engine provides sufficient torque and horsepower to get the job done, but if you need more power, you can go for the V8. Moreover, for those seeking to save on fuel, the turbo-diesel option would be a good choice as it offers better fuel economy than gasoline engines.

Driving the GMC G3500 isn’t fun as such, but it will still get you to your destination. With the V8 engine, the van easily gets to highway speeds even when fully loaded. It handles just fine, though it isn’t easy to navigate it in tighter spaces. With its old-school construction, parking it in small spaces is quite challenging. Even so, it delivers what’s needed to get the job done.

Whether you need a passenger van or a workhorse to ferry materials to the site, the GMC G3500 serves the purpose.