Savana Cargo: Delivering enjoyable and smooth drives

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When it comes to work vans, the importance of the long history of trusty service must not be underestimated. There are simply those vehicles that have a great reputation among drivers who tend to choose reliable brands that can stand the test of time. GMC is exactly that kind of brand that offers a vehicle for commercial use. The GMC Savana Cargo is a high-quality vehicle known for its longevity and a powerful engine lineup. It provides a huge cargo area with easy access thanks to its sliding side-doors that make loading items a piece of cake. Read on to learn more about all of the amazing features of this practical van.

Powerful Drive Train and Ample Cargo

The fact that the Savana Cargo is able to tow up to 10,000lbs due to its powerful drivetrain. It comes equipped with a standard 4.3-litre V6 and an 8-speed automatic transmission. When you’re ready to tow you can press the tow-haul mode button and it will enhance acceleration and the overall towing performance. If you choose Hill Start Assist, the vehicle will prevent rollback when you’re not pressing on the accelerator by holding the brakes. All of these useful features make the whole driving experience enjoyable and smooth.

If you are looking for a work vehicle that will provide maximum cargo space and make loading fast and easy, the GMC Savana Cargo has it all. You can fit pretty much everything and the back doors that can be opened wide allow for easy loading of bulky items. The sliding doors to the side add more practicality and functionality to this commercial vehicle. The vinyl floor covering is easy to clean and prevents slipping of items together with the six D-ring tie downs. The vehicle offers increased security measures by separating the cabin and the cargo area with steel safety doors. In this way, the items from the cargo area won’t hit or injure the driver or passengers when cornering or driving over bumpy roads.

Reliable Proactive Safety Technologies

You can count on the safety of GMC’s Savana Cargo thanks to all the features it comes equipped with and the long history of reliability of these vehicles. In order to reduce the risk of injuries, the driver and the passenger are protected by frontal and side-impact airbags and head-curtain airbags help in case of side-impact collisions. The rear vision camera is quite helpful when backing up and helps you see directly behind the vehicle to avoid hitting nearby objects. With these at hand and plenty of available features to add, you can enjoy the peace of mind and relax knowing that your vehicle is well-equipped safety-wise.

Comfort And Functionality In The Cabin

The high-back bucket seats provide plenty of comfort for two passengers and come with head restraints and the choice of either vinyl or cloth upholstery. You won’t feel cramped in the cabin since there’s more than enough head and legroom. All of the buttons and controls on the dash are nicely organized and within reach for the driver. Some of the standard tech features include air conditioning, auxiliary ports and power windows. You can also choose among all the available options that keep you connected while driving. If you want a warm, heated cabin before you hop in, the remote vehicle starting system gives you the option of starting your vehicle even from the inside of your home. This is quite a lovely feature to have during cold, winter days. Bottom line, consider the GMC Savana Cargo if you need a modern-day, comfy workhorse that will never leave you stranded on the side of the road.