GMC Sierra 1500: Powerful Engine and Transmission

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The GGMC Sierra 1500 Classic Crew Cab is a pleasantly surprising mix of comfort, strength, and reliability. This truck will keep you hauling in style for years to come, regardless of the road surface. Tough enough to haul heavy loads and adequately sturdy when it comes to towing. The bold grille design and box-shaped midsection with soft rounded off edges make it the perfect crew cab for both men and women.

A Cab Built for Comfort

When you are in for a long haul, the GMC Sierra 1500 Classic will provide you with all of the creature comforts you could ask for in a vehicle. The smooth 2-wheel drive has a 4-speed automatic transmission as well as cruise control for those long, lonely stretches of highway. A fully functional leather interior features twin bucket seat up front and a spacious bench seat in the rear. The combination of a full sunroof, heated seats, and luxury air-conditioning will keep you comfy throughout the year. An extended cab allows for an extra storage area which can be utilized over short distances.

Strong and Sturdy

You will love this truck if you are in the market for a reliable work truck. The GMC Sierra just keeps on going and seems almost indestructible. Designed with better road handling and steering, you can drive this truck virtually on any terrain. The economic fuel mileage is an added bonus when towing or hauling for some long distances and the cruise control makes life just that much easier. This crew cab has four doors which makes it easy to transport workers or family members comfortably and safely. The steering is light on the open road and the brakes have a solid feel to them which makes driving on the open road a pleasant experience. Even with a full load, the Sierra responds well to the accelerator and is not sluggish. When not carrying a load, the Sierra is quite fast, especially when going from stop to stop. A four-speed automatic transmission gives you a precise shift and features a tow or haul mode which makes gear selection easy when navigating through mountains and hills. Because of its easy driving nature and reliability, the Sierra is a favourite with women too.

Most Favourite Features

A person could easily forget that we are dealing with a crew cab and not a luxury family car when listing all of the comforts of the GMC Sierra. On the inside, we have plush leather seats front and back which are soft and comfortable. Power steering, brakes and better handling all work together to give you a softer driving experience. Cruise control and better fuel efficiency make long hauls much more cost effective on the open road, and even cheaper when not fully loaded. Automatic four-speed transmission which features a tow/haul mode makes travelling steep uphill’s or hilly terrain a breeze. The distinctive bold grille design sets the GMC Sierra apart from other crew cabs and sports unique chrome styled steel wheels, and a traditional boxy body. Soft rounded edges and the classy Denali trim option gives your crew cab an elegant finish.

So not only does the GMC Sierra perform well, it looks good too and is a firm favourite for men and women alike. You don’t have to be a big truck driver to fall in love with this automobile. Depending on the options you choose, not every extra feature are available but at least you have the most necessary and advanced features on this car. Overall, the GMC Sierra performs extremely well on most kinds of terrain, is durable and reliable, and has an attractive interior and exterior.