GMC Sierra 1500: Powerful Engine and Transmission

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GMC remains among the world's leading motor vehicle manufacturers. It is respected for its powerful automobile releases known to be rugged, comfortable, and spacious. The company has a reputation for releasing multi-purpose trucks that are comfortable enough for the family but also strong enough for highly demanding work environments. If you are a lover of the GMC trucks, the GMC Sierra 1500 is something for you. With this 4-door entrant, you can carry more people and use the rear box for any extra weight that you would like to carry along. Even if you are carrying a large amount of weight, the Sierra 1500 hauls and tows effortlessly, thanks to its ProGrade Trailering System. With its robust and ruggedized build, it is capable of navigating different terrains, with safety remaining key among its features.

Sierra 1500 Performance and Driving Experience

You are not going to buy a truck unless you are sure it is a high performing vehicle that also provides a fulfilling driving experience. The GMC Sierra 1500 is fast, hardy, and offers a smooth driving experience courtesy of its novel technology, as well as an interior design that delivers serene and creaseless ride. The Sierra 1500 comes with three engine options, all available in the same size. This Turbo-diesel engine is high performing. The truck’s overall performance is spiked by its stalwart 10-speed transmission, giving it a fuel economy that’s significant both in the city and on the highway. Tested alongside other models, the GMC Sierra 1500 came victorious in its breaking capability when fully loaded.

The GMC Sierra 1500 Versatile Tailgate

One of the prominent selling points of the GMC Sierra 1500 is its industry-first MultriPro tailgate that you can position in six different ways based on your immediate needs. In addition to the traditional position, Sierra 1500's tailgate provides a load stop that when used, prevents longer items placed in the box from dropping off. The gate is also made such that it can be flipped downwards for easier access to the loading box. If you only want to remove the higher level of cargo, the upper part of it can easily be opened to grant the access, while leaving the lower part intact. Then there is the fold-out step that allows you to jump into the bed with ease, as well as another that lets you transform it into a workstation on which you can comfortably place your laptop and get busy.

Inside The Spacious GMC Sierra 1500 Interior

It cannot be overstated that a spacious interior is an attractive feature of an automobile, and, clearly, this is something that GMC knows too well. Like many of their car models, the GMC Sierra 1500 comes loaded with ample space, abundant storage, and easily accessible controls for the driver. The interior features heated seats, off-lane warning, a forward collision notification, and wireless phone charging, among other newly introduced features. If you were having a parking problem with the Sierra 1500 predecessors, the GMC Sierra 1500 now comes equipped with a 360-degree camera to make it all easy. For a better driving experience, the truck has a one-of-a-kind Rear Camera Mirror that offers high definition display, giving the driver a more realistic view. Also availed to spice up the driving experience and safety are the pedestrian detection and blind spot monitoring systems. GMC Sierra 1500 Carbon-Fibre Box This is also another area in which GMC has claimed a first. In the Sierra 1500, the company has included a scratch, dent, and corrosion resistant carbon fibre box that's believed to beat its competitors. The composite box is reportedly lighter than its steel version. However, the bed, like that of its predecessor, is made of sturdy steel, which the company has said is made of improved alloy to make it 50 percent stronger. Clearly, GMC Sierra 1500 has come a cut above many of its competitors. The company, more or less, used this model to make a statement, particularly with regards to technology. You shouldn’t expect the competitors not to speak back, though. They will most likely dispatch their flagships into the market to counter the Sierra 1500.