GMC Sierra 2500: GMC's most powerful Duramax diesel engine ever.

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GMC Sierra 2500

GMC Sierra 2500 is a pickup truck made for towing anything you will ever need with a towing capacity up to 8210kg while offering state of the art interior and exceptional driving performance.

GMC Sierra 2500 can do it all offering you unmatched power with outstanding interior design and comfort while providing an excellent driving experience. It is one of the best packages you’ll get in the market for the value of money.

Strong and Beautiful

Nearly two-thirds of the Sierra cabin is made from high-strength steel that makes for one of the quietest cabins you have ever experienced. This monster pickup truck is basically a fortress of strength and steel.

GMC Sierra 2500 has its own unique style which makes it stand out wherever it goes. The angry chrome grille and the HID projector-beam headlamps with GMC signature LED lighting make this vehicle impossible to go unnoticed.

Power and Efficiency

Indeed Sierra 2500 is unique being both incredibly efficient and powerful at the same time. 6.6 Litre Duramax Diesel Engine makes that possible with the 445 horsepower outputs while being the quietest Duramax engine ever. Thanks to the extremely powerful Duramax engine this pickup truck can basically tow your whole house, only if it was on wheels. The driving experience in the GMC Sierra 2500 is flawless regardless if you’re cruising on the highway or towing through rough terrain.

Breathtaking Interior

Sierra 2500 excels with its state of the art interior offering Front Leather Heated Seats along with the latest technology features to make the rides entertaining for the driver and the passengers. You can get heated and leather-wrapped steering wheel for that warm feeling of leather during the freezing hours of the morning.

Triple door seals make sure to reduce outside noise offering you a peaceful and quiet environment when you’re inside the car. Also, the hydraulic body and engine mounts reduce the vibration when going through bumpy roads giving you that comfort feeling which not many vehicles can provide.

However, the GMC Sierra 2500 doesn’t stop here. There is no need to buy charging cables for your smartphone when you forget it at home. Simply put your smartphone on the Wireless Charging Mat and you’re good to go.

Everything in the Sierra 2500 has been made and designed to offer comfort and luxury along with practicality making your life and ride way more enjoyable. Details make perfection and this Sierra is as close as you can ever get to perfection.


Sierra 2500 excels when it comes to the safety department. It has a front and rear camera along with parking assist making life much simpler. And in addition to the 6 airbags, this stunning pickup truck has the latest safety systems you can find in a car.

Features such as Lane Departure Warning, Safety Alert Seat and Forward Collision alert which will warn you in case of any risk potential of hitting another car or object that stands in your way. Sierra is one of the safest pickup trucks you can find in the market without a doubt.

In case you have been looking for the truck of your dreams, don’t bother looking any further. You have found it and its name is GMC Sierra 2500!