GMC Sierra 3500 Classic: Extreme Power and Performance

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The current generation of the GMC Sierra 3500 gains the “Classic” tag in its name to distinguish it from the redesigned Sierra that comes with much more refined features than the old model. Despite its old age, the GMC Sierra 3500 Classic isn’t outdated when it comes to functionality. It features a lineup of impressively capable engine options that give the truck best-in-class power ratings. This sets the GMC Sierra 3500 Classic above its competitors when it comes to serious hauling heavy loads. For customers who value functionality more than refinement, this heavy-duty truck remains the best option despite its Stone Age design.


The GMC Sierra 3500 Classic full-size pickup truck comes in a variety of cab and bed styles. For the cab styles, we have the regular, extended, and the crew. Regular cabs have two doors and seat three, whereas the Extended and Crew cabs have four doors and seat up to six persons. If you need more space to carry extra load, go for the Regular cab style as it offers the largest cargo volume out of the three. However, if you need a truck that can sometimes act as a family car, the Crew cab style would be the best option as it has a roomy cabin. Even so, it’s only available in the higher trims, so, be prepared to spend more.


Standard power for the GMC Sierra 3500 Classic comes from a 6.0-litre V8 engine, which provides sufficient power to propel a fully-loaded truck. However, drivers seeking additional gasoline power can opt for the 8.1-litre V-8 powertrain that gives much more torque and horsepower. Better still, the GMC Sierra 3500 Classic has an optional 6.6-litre Duramax turbocharged powertrain combined with an Allison six-speed automatic transmission, that’s capable of generating up to 650 pound-feet of torque. For customers looking for more hauling power and better off-road capabilities, the Duramax engine would be the best choice, though it’s only available for the higher trim levels and comes at a cost.

With maximum towing capacity rated at 16000 pounds, the GMC Sierra 3500 Classic is capable of carrying any load you throw at it. Whether it’s dragging a massive trailer or ferrying some building materials to the site, with a combination of a hard steel body and massive payload numbers, this truck will get the job done right on time. Additionally, if you spend the better part of your day on rough roads or rocky surfaces, you can opt for the four-wheel drivetrain that’s available for all trims. The all-wheel-drive combined with massive torque and horsepower from the engine makes the Sierra 3500 Classic easy to navigate even on challenging terrains.

Driving and Safety

While the GMC Sierra 3500 Classic doesn’t offer best-in-class safety features, it boasts a four-star safety rating out of a possible five. For truck its calibre, this is a type of rating shows that even without the sophisticated safety features, the truck is still safe on the road.

When it comes to driving, the GMC Sierra 3500 Classic rides best when working. With the bed loaded, the truck remains stable with minimal sways on curvy roads, and even in heavy crosswinds. However, on the highway, with an empty bed, the GMC Sierra 3500 gets jittery over expansion joints and the ride may not be that comfortable. Around town, a ride in the GMC Sierra 3500 Classic is enjoyable and comfortable for a daily driver. The brakes are quite effective when it comes to actual stopping distances, and bring the truck to a smooth stop even during hard braking.

Generally, the GMC Sierra 3500 Classic is fun and easy-to-drive in all circumstances, though this best experienced when the bed is loaded.

If you’re shopping for a truck to help with your site work, and you need one that offers all the traditional strengths of a big truck, the GMC Sierra 3500 Classic would be the best pick.