Genesis G70: Advanced Design and Luxury

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Genesis demonstrates how a new luxury model from a celebrated brand must make an entrance into a crowded mid-sized sedan vehicle class. Not hiding in the shadows or as a casual alternative, but staying extremely close to the top so that all are compelled to pay attention. This is the story of the G70 model from the Genesis brand, an automobile you’ll love to purchase with high-tech features shooting down even its closest competition - the BMW series. Advanced craftsmanship and design are what you should naturally expect from a car brand with ingenious minds dedicated to making cars that are fast, smooth, upscale, good-looking, quiet and of immense value – a perfect picture of the all-new Genesis G70 model. With punchy powertrains, a fully furnished interior and a strong graphics sporty exterior - you are certainly in for a lifetime of great driving experience.

An Endearing Design

From the first assessment of G70, it’s obvious that the automakers took this personal. The front part still carries that prominent winged badge grille deck. The light features are well-designed, but it’s really the openings crafted into the vehicle bumpers that give it some real and majestic character. These openings help to direct the flow of air along the vehicle sides and into the front brakes. Similarly, the sedan has outside panels below the chassis that allows the car to be as aerodynamic as probable. The design of the rear lights may appear simple, but it also helps to draw attention to the width of the G70 model. The Genesis G70 sits the lowest to ground level and also the largest among the vehicles in its category.

Engine Power and Performance

As for its mechanics, a four-cylinder turbo producing 252 horsepower, sits at the heart of power and transmission and doing a commendable job. The Genesis G70 is also fortified with the eight-speed automated transmission with the H-TRAC four-wheel drive system – this combination will most likely entice the Canadian luxury car customers to a great extent. The automated box is strong and sturdy on a long ride, shifting is more effective with the dual-clutch box in the latest upgrade compared to older models and luxury cars in the sedan category. One can also “control” the sound the G70 produces through the electronic system located on the vehicle's touchscreen.

Advanced Features and Safety Functions

Establish your presence with an obvious opening statement. The Genesis G70’s striking, state-of-the-art interior marvel is anything to write home about. It's surrounding view monitor provides the driver with a full 360º view of the car's immediate environs, keeping the driver aware of his usually unseen surroundings, helping with parking and assisting one to keep clear of objects. The Blind-spot Collision feature gives a warning signal when it senses other vehicles approaching at elevated speeds. The Rear cross-traffic signal helps to alert the driver of vehicles coming from behind. Other amazing features such as lane keeping assist, multimedia & navigation upgrades make the Genesis G70 a complete package of class, luxury, and performance.

Real luxury is all about absolute satisfaction and experience. Engineered around real wants and needs, giving reverence to how you truly live. This is the Genesis G70 experience; a thoughtfully created suite of immense benefits for the owner’s delight. It’s right that Genesis brand has no past glory to hinge on but has proven a pace-setting start. Genesis does receive Hyundai’s merited reputation for performance and reliability, with the driving dynamics and undeniable quality of the latest G70. This Genesis G70 is fun to drive, well-built, and it’s equally affordable!